Google, which used to only use Qualcomm chips on its flagship machine, has changed: Pixel 7 is equipped with Tensor chips

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On June 1, according to phone arena reports, both Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro high-end flagships will be equipped with the second-generation Tensor chip and pre-installed with the Android 13 operating system.

The news pointed out that the Tensor chip was jointly developed by Google and Samsung. The biggest difference between this chip and other flagship Socs is that the former uses a “2+2+4” solution, which consists of two super-large cores Cortex X1, two large Core Cortex A76 and four small core Cortex A55.

In contrast, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung’s flagship Soc are all “1+3+4” solutions, consisting of one super-large core, three large cores and four small cores.

The upcoming second-generation Tensor may still continue the “2+2+4” solution. It is built using Samsung’s 4nm process and integrates Samsung’s baseband Exynos 5123. It is reported that this chip will start mass production this month.

According to the data, since the birth of Google’s Pixel series in 2016, the Pixel digital series has insisted on using Qualcomm chips for five consecutive generations. Since Pixel 6, Google has chosen to cooperate with Samsung to start custom chips. The Pixel 7 series to be released in the second half of this year still uses custom chips. Strategy, new products are expected to debut around October.

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