Tesla considering introducing Apple AirPlay technology to optimize sound effects

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Sina Technology News Beijing time on the morning of June 1, according to reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that Tesla will consider bringing in Apple AirPlay protocol to improve the current sound of Tesla cars.

In recent years, Tesla has been focusing on optimizing the vehicle’s audio system. The Model 3’s sound system has been well-received by audiophiles, and the new Model S’s sound system also performed well in reviews. Tesla’s sound is considered to be comparable to expensive B&O speakers, but at a fraction of the price.

Previously, a commenter posted on Twitter A comparative evaluation of Tesla’s car audio is carried out on the above. Musk commented at the time: “Tesla’s sound engineers come from B&O and many other companies. Our system is highly programmable, so we continuously upgrade it through OTA codecs.”

As for how the Tesla’s sound system could be improved, another reviewer felt that the Tesla’s sound system works well, but is limited by the quality of the audio delivered via Bluetooth when playing music through the phone. He suggested that Tesla introduce the Apple AirPlay protocol for lossless streaming audio playback. Musk then replied that a solution would be discussed with the audio team.

AirPlay is a proprietary wireless communication protocol stack developed by Apple that supports streaming media transmission between devices. The protocol is based on WiFi technology, not Bluetooth technology. Since Tesla cars are also equipped with WiFi capabilities, the hardware can already support it, and it only needs to develop a dedicated solution.

However, Tesla has been reluctant to support Apple’s software in the past, for example, it has not supported CarPlay in-vehicle system. Over the years, many Tesla owners have called on Tesla to add support for Apple CarPlay. Tesla has discussed the possibility of introducing Apple CarPlay in the past, but then decided to keep customers in its own software ecosystem.

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