Gossip – Issue 7

Gossip - Issue 7

In a blink of an eye, I’ve been stuck at home for a month. The Shanghai epidemic is beyond everyone’s expectations. As a technical public account, we don’t judge any political issues, but just as a personal experiencer, talk about our recent feel.

When we first knew about the spread of the epidemic, in fact, everyone did not take it too seriously. After all, the scope of the epidemic abroad can only be described as lying flat, so starting from home office, even if we knew that we would be closed and controlled later, we did not prepare too much. A lot of supplies, because at that time, although the cordon was pulled up, but if you wanted to go out, the security guards would not care about you. That is to say, the initial epidemic prevention was actually more formal.

The town where our community is located is not the hardest hit area of ​​the epidemic, so the management is relatively loose. It was not until the day when the barbed wire was pulled up that everyone realized that the epidemic was not so simple, and then began to frantically purchase supplies. I It was only after a few days of isolation that I found the phone number of the owner of the supermarket in the annex and purchased a large number of materials, which provided the most basic guarantee for food and clothing. Later, the rise of community group buying gave everyone a certain understanding of basic life. The guarantee that you will not starve to death.

As an experiencer, let me talk about some of my feelings about this epidemic.

The first is “neighborhood committees – grassroots managers”. In the face of the epidemic, apart from the government, the biggest job-bearer is actually these grassroots cadres, that is, residents committees and community managers. Their organizational and management skills, It directly affects the epidemic prevention work of the entire community, but unfortunately, most of the staff of the neighborhood committees have poor organizational skills. From the organization of nucleic acid collection, the notification of information, and the understanding of the residents’ situation, you can fully understand one. The working ability of the neighborhood committees, however, there is no credit or hard work. The neighborhood committees and volunteers are still very hard, especially some neighborhood committees have to be in charge of several neighborhoods, and their workload has also increased exponentially. I hope that after this epidemic, the neighborhood committees can wake up and establish a complete management plan in peacetime, not just the epidemic situation, because the neighborhood committee can be said to be a bridge between the people and the government, and this bridge is usually not used. After it is built, how can it bear the required pressure when it is actually used?

Secondly, let’s talk about “materials”. For us, as long as there are material guarantees, it is no problem for me to work from home for a year. Therefore, a big problem reflected in this epidemic is the shortage of materials, and everyone’s basic life cannot be guaranteed, which has caused everyone to have a lot of resistance to the closure and control. There are many xx videos on the Internet. Part of it is due to lack of materials.

However, from an objective point of view, how to ensure the basic living materials of nearly 30 million people in Shanghai, I believe that this is a big challenge in any other city. However, challenges are challenges. After the order of magnitude is lowered, there are not no successful cases. Shenzhen is one of them, so these may really be related to the leadership ideas of the decision-making level. As far as I can see, despite the shortage of supplies, young people can basically find ways to purchase from various channels, whether it is group purchases, takeaways, or various rush orders to grab food. Going down, the most pitiful are the elderly in the community. If there are no young people at home, it is really difficult to get these material guarantees. In fact, here is completely guaranteed by the neighborhood committee to provide help for these elderly people, but how many can really do it? ? Most of the elderly may not use WeChat, let alone grab an order. Therefore, in this epidemic, there are no elderly or children at home, and no sickness is the greatest luck. Fortunately, most of the communities have set up WeChat groups during this epidemic. Although there is not much communication between neighbors, they are more caring in the face of such a big right and wrong. Everyone will distribute some materials to those who need help. , There are elderly people who need medicine or supplies, and everyone will help to find a way. Therefore, human nature is inherently good.

Let’s talk about “lay down or reset”. In fact, really, you should thank the country for its willingness to spend huge sums of money to fight the epidemic. Although the fatality rate of Omicron is not as high as before, its contagiousness and the symptoms it brings must not be necessary for other large-scale epidemic diseases. Poor, the so-called “asymptomatic infected person” is not completely without any abnormalities, such as fever, sore throat, pneumonia, when you are lying flat, you really encounter these problems, and then go to see the hospitals that are usually crowded without epidemics. Do you feel hopeless?

The occupancy rate of medical facilities per capita in China is much lower than that of developed countries. The large population base makes it difficult to seek medical treatment. When there is no epidemic, many people are desperate. The risk will make it more difficult for medical institutions that are already in danger to operate. Therefore, if you do not have a “new crown”, then don’t say “lie down” lightly.

However, “clearing” should never be ignoring other diseases other than the “new crown”. This point has been infinitely magnified in this epidemic. There are too many patients, not because of the “new crown”. Desperate, but the disease itself cannot be treated. This has been completely solved in the news. People with all kinds of diseases can contact the police and 120 to get treatment, but in reality, there are still many To help and desperate people, we can only paralyze ourselves with “there are too many people in need of help, it’s too late to deal with it”, but if this happens to us, who can be alone?

The medical workers all over the country should be thanked the most. They should be the hardest working people in the three years of fighting the epidemic. Many times, they have no decision-making power, but they obey orders and make the greatest sacrifices.

Finally, let’s talk about “profiteering”. Since the epidemic, it can be said that “home vegetables are worth 10,000 yuan”. The prices of various materials, especially vegetables and fruits, are almost sky-high. All kinds of “gift packages” are the same as recharge. , a dazzling gift package, only to find out after receiving it, that is, less than half of the usual price. As Marx said, profit is the driving force for capital to take risks. All kinds of “people” with channels have made a lot of money in the face of national disasters, and even showed off in groups. This has also caused many people to avoid the risk of infection, or even have been infected, in order to obtain high profits. In fact, in the face of this kind of disaster, it is acceptable to increase the price of materials appropriately. After all, the transportation channels are blocked, but the sky-high asking price will inevitably accept the sanctions of history.

After this epidemic, Shanghai can be said to have successfully left an indelible mark in the history of the fight against the epidemic. Whether it is a good one or a bad one can only be judged by history. Since then, have you served dishes during the epidemic in your community, what dishes have been served, how many times have you served them, have the neighborhood committees been organized properly, have anyone given information, are there many volunteers, and how many have been infected, which may become a must-see when buying a house? several major problems.

Years later, I would exaggerately say to my grandson, “I think back then, when my grandfather almost starved to death in Shanghai, the country with the largest GDP in China, you still don’t have a good meal.”

Written in Shanghai, working from home for a month. I hope this epidemic will pass soon, everyone can experience the storm and see the rainbow again.

Come on Shanghai.

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Gossip - Issue 7

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