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When sorting out my graduation materials one after another, I finally understood that my academic career was coming to an end.

Looking at a pile of documents on the desktop, from elementary school to graduate school, from 6 years old to 25 years old, nearly 20 years. The 20 years of the Ivory Tower may sound like a long time, but in retrospect it is so short. All kinds of people and scenery are like huge blisters emerging from the bottom of the lake, rolling upwards, getting bigger and bigger, floating in my mind, but finally returning to silence.

Before, I always felt that there was no clear dividing line in the past life. Year after year, but each year was like the previous year, as if there was something new, but it seemed to be a copy. If I recall interesting and impressive scenes in my school life, elementary school might be the time when I bought snacks and cards at the canteen, junior high school might be the time when I bought various magazines at the school gate, and high school might be the time when everyone was playing and kicking while living on campus. Football time, college may be a time to form a band with friends to rehearse and perform, graduate students may be a time to eat delicious food with classmates. During these days, it is undeniable that I have learned a lot, my knowledge has increased, and my educational background has been rising step by step, but looking back at the whole past, it is so flat.

School life is really “boring”. Day after day life, study, exam, study, exam. I don’t like this way, why do I need to take the knowledge that I may have learned for several months, and prove the quality of my learning through a test paper within the specified time. As fair as it sounds, it’s really stupid. I used to feel pretty laid back just by studying hard, but as I got older, I became more and more averse to this process. Maybe this situation improved during college and graduate school, but the older I get, the more unreasonable I feel. However, the free life after college has allowed me to toss with many other things, and I have indeed gained a lot of happiness from these constant tossing. But this made it impossible for me to have a clear distinction between my life and my studies. This situation was especially serious during the postgraduate period. Everyone was in the laboratory from morning to night every day. There is also a feeling of punching in and out of get off work. From morning to night, I feel like I have done something, and it seems like nothing has been done.

When I was looking for a job, I gave up the type of job as a civil servant. First, I felt that I had become disgusted with exams. If I asked me to take the exam, I could not actually do it myself. Second, I feel that this kind of life is not suitable for me. Compared with a stable life, I prefer a life with challenges, or more precisely: a life that I have never experienced. Some interesting things, some interesting people, some different scenery, some different tasks, although the process may be more painful, but you may gain more work experience and life experience, and broaden your horizons. Although I heard the elders keep repeating the various security and benefits of the iron rice bowl. But now I still yearn more for insecurity and conflict. The major advancements in my life so far have been made by chance. Maybe in the next 3 years, certain volatility and uncertainty will make me go further.

For some reasons, there are two offers in front of me, one is an offer from a private company in Beijing’s artificial intelligence medical company, and the other is an offer from the Bank of China Software R&D Center in Hefei. The offer in Beijing was originally in Hefei, which belongs to the scientific research post, but for some reasons, it was changed to Beijing, which is far from home. I worked there for 3 months before, and the staff came and went, full of uncertainty, but I was more interested in my major and interest. The bank’s offer is stable, but the job content is completely unknown and needs to be re-learned, and the salary is not known yet, but it is better to be close to home. Personally, I prefer the first offer. From the perspective of interest and vision, it will be more in line with my taste. Another point is that compared to eating and living at home, I prefer to be able to live by myself for a period of time to learn more life skills . Although staying at home can save on accommodation and food expenses, it is impossible to grow up at home all the time. People must become more independent after all.

After graduation, this is really a major turning point. At the age of 25, I will leave the embrace of the school and go to the real society to explore. Although there is always the unknown, but I will still face the challenge. Thank you to the family members who accompanied me along the way, the teachers who worked so hard to impart knowledge to me and the unique personality charm, and the friends who have been in contact with me all the time. I also thank my past self, hard work, a stage is over. Then, please keep going.

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