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The first time I saw Uncle Gen posted a video again, I have been waiting for an update. It should have been followed on YouTube in 2019, not to mention other aspects. If you follow the channel, you will know that Uncle Gen was a clear stream in the tourism field. Uncle’s channel is Huanhua Decade. icon_razz.png

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Everyone thinks about their own life when they are young, how to live in this life. Some people will expect that they will wear fine clothes and food, and travel with BMWs and cars. Perhaps this kind of life is also what most people long to have, but today we want to know someone who is a person who enjoys suffering. The road he took was exactly the road that many people dreamed but dared not realize. He lived a life that was unbearable for many people.

A Wuling van carrying only 10,000 yuan in cash. With this equipment, Uncle Gen started his ten-year trip around China in April 2016.

Contemporary people, all day long work, family, career, these imprisoned into a barrier, we can only breathe under the burden of life. Why don’t you want to escape?

But many times, we can only think about it, wait for the emotions to dissipate, then return to the original enchantment and face the reality. There is that blood in the air, and there is nowhere to throw it.

And some people, in the end, made a different choice.

Huanhua has used his experience on the road for ten years to show another appearance of travel.

Even if he only had one year of savings at the beginning, even if he only had a van, even if he was so sad that he couldn’t hold on, when he woke up, he would be glad that he had not given up. He is still clinging to his dream of being a modern Xu Xiake, and still clinging to his dream on the road.

“How long should I go, or should I go on like this for the rest of my life?”

“Finally, I set a deadline for myself to go for ten years.”

“If you think I’m bitter, you don’t know me yet,”

“I will continue to suffer in 2018. Suffering is my life.”

“By chance, I decided to stop living like this.”

It’s interesting to see a comment: Uncle Gen should be one of the few UP masters who are persuaded by fans to have a good meal.


Ten Years Around China: A Journey to Seek Dreams in Tibet

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