Half-day main funds increase semiconductor positions, sell lithium mines and military stocks

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The main funds flowed into semiconductor, industrial machinery, computer, consumer electronics and other sectors in the morning, and outflowed from military industry, banking, electricity, coal, lithium mine and other sectors. In terms of individual stocks, Dalian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. rose to the daily limit in early trading, and was the main force to increase its positions with 1.192 billion yuan. In terms of net outflow, Tianqi Lithium fell by more than 4%, and was sold by the main force of 404 million yuan; Yuntianhua and Ganfeng Lithium industry suffered a net outflow of more than 300 million yuan; TBEA, Zhongtong Bus, Jiangte Electric, Mingyang Smart, Goldwind Technology, China Mining Resources and other stocks suffered a net outflow of more than 200 million yuan. (First Finance and Economics)
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