“Yongtai Shuneng” received angel round financing, invested by Zhuoyuan Capital

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Chuangyebang learned that recently, the energy storage equipment provider “Yongtai Digital Energy” has received an angel round of investment from Zhuoyuan Capital. Yongtai Digital Energy is committed to highly integrating digital technology, electronic power technology, new materials and battery technology, energy storage technology and other cutting-edge technologies Provide global customers with large-scale energy storage equipment and full-stack technology solutions.

Sheng Jianming, founder and chairman of Yongtai Digital Energy, graduated from Tsinghua University with a master’s degree and served as general manager of the technical support department of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.; director of the expert group of Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.; director and partner of Shenghong Co., Ltd. (GEM); Started businesses in new energy fields such as energy storage and charging piles and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market. The company’s R&D technical team is mainly composed of masters and doctors from domestic energy technology R&D highlands such as Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Yongtai Shuneng has nearly 40 first-level/level-A and second-level qualifications including national information security assessment information security service qualification, software capability maturity integration qualification (CMMI5), secret-related information system integration and security qualification. The company is a qualified supplier of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, and has the third-level qualification for installation (repair and test) issued by the National Energy Administration. In the field of new energy-related power systems, it has obtained 185 patents and 11 soft works, participated in the formulation of many national standards, and participated in and undertaken many national key R&D programs and international cooperation projects.

At present, Yongtai Digital Energy has formed full-stack products and technical solutions with energy storage, power products, digital energy, and charging and swapping as the core matrix. Yongtai Digital Energy provides energy storage systems and solutions for power systems (power generation side, transmission and distribution side, power consumption side) and non-power systems (communication base stations, data centers, industrial applications, aerospace, rail transit, etc.) in the direction of energy storage The solution helps users to cut peaks and fill valleys, adjust peaks and frequency, and improve the reliability of power supply.

At the same time, at the level of large-scale digital energy, real-time data collection, monitoring, and analysis of user-side energy and energy consumption are realized, and scheduling strategies are optimized to promote the consumption of new energy and reduce carbon emissions. Realize energy efficiency management, economical electricity consumption, safe electricity consumption, efficient management, efficient operation and maintenance, and power quality optimization.

In 2021, Yongtai Shuneng will fully acquire the electrical division of Tellhow Technology (stock code: 600590). The group has total assets of 2 billion yuan and more than 600 employees. In 2021, the revenue will exceed 1 billion yuan, and in the next 3-5 years, it will achieve 10 billion yuan in revenue. The company plans to go public in 2025. The group has three production bases in Shenzhen, Guiyang and Nanchang, of which the Shenzhen headquarters, Yongtai Science and Technology Park, covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Guiyang, Dongguan, Yongzhou and Changsha.

Dr. Lin Haizhuo, the founding partner and CEO of Zhuoyuan Capital, said: “Yongtai Digital Energy is the world’s leading provider of full-stack technology for energy storage equipment. A technology provider covered by full-matrix products. We are highly optimistic that the R&D technical team of Shengzong and Yongtai Data can become the leaders of the global energy storage equipment industry.”

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