Hankang Biotech completes tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing

Hankang Biotechnology is an oncology drug developer dedicated to reactivating the immune system to fight disease, with a proprietary “Fc-Designed Biopharmaceutical (FBDB™)” platform featuring unique biologics with multiple targeting modalities that unlock innate immune system and adaptive immune system to kill tumors. Through breakthroughs in multifunctional innovative molecular configurations in the R&D process, as well as improved methods and pathways for production process development in component production and control (CMC), Hankang Biotech takes this innovative biopharmaceutical FBDBs™ to solve unmet medical problems need. Recently, Hankang Biotech completed the closing of the Series A financing of tens of millions of dollars. This round of financing was led by China Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., followed by Yuexiu Fund, Zero2IPO Group and other institutions. The old shareholders Panacea Venture and Yuansheng Venture Capital continued to increase their investment.

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