Hard work is not a bad thing, no growth is

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Humans are animals that are expected to be controlled.

Recently I was taking my younger brother to learn programming, which reminded me of the days when I learned programming myself.

When I taught myself Coding in college (my undergrad was not CS, but EE), I spent a lot of time teaching myself programming. When others are playing games, I am Coding; when others are sleeping, I am Coding; when others are in class, I am still Coding. All these, over the past four years, I have learned a lot of programming languages, and through outsourcing projects, I have made money and practice. This allows you to have 4 years of programming experience (if the interviewer approves) by the time you graduate from college.

If I say why I was willing to spend so much effort at that time, on the one hand, it was my love from childhood. On the other hand, it is my expectations for the future and my perception of my own growth.

All my learning can be perceived by myself, so I can perceive the gradual growth and advancement of my abilities in the future, and I can know that I have a better future.

And many times, everyone’s hard work can’t see the future, or in other words, everyone feels that they can’t see the future. So you don’t want to spend time and energy doing hard work.

Hard work is not scary, what is scary is low-level hard work without growth.

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