He Xingxiang, former vice president of China Development Bank, took bribes, issued financial bills in violation of regulations, issued loans illegally, and concealed overseas deposits.


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 According to the Titanium Media App on August 23, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court held a public hearing in the first instance of the case of He Xingxiang, the former vice president of China Development Bank, for accepting bribes, issuing financial bills in violation of regulations, granting loans illegally, and concealing overseas deposits. The Third Branch of the Beijing People's Procuratorate charged: From 2006 to 2021, the defendant, He Xingxiang, served as the president of the Hainan Branch of the Bank of China, the Shandong Branch of the Bank of China, the vice president of the Agricultural Development Bank of China, and the vice president of the China Development Bank. etc., or take advantage of the convenient conditions formed by their powers and positions to provide assistance to relevant units and individuals in loan approval, personnel arrangement, etc. through the behavior of staff members in other countries, directly or through their relatives, illegally accepting other people’s property in exchange. RMB 66.36 million. From 2012 to 2014, during his tenure as the president of Bank of China Shandong Branch, He Xingxiang violated regulations by issuing letters of credit and letters of guarantee of more than RMB 6.349 billion and USD 104 million to relevant companies; in violation of state regulations, he issued loans to relevant companies RMB 1.823 billion yuan. From 2010 to 2021, He Xingxiang knew that the overseas deposits of state staff should be reported in accordance with state regulations, and he actually controlled the accounts of his relatives, which amounted to more than 33.69 million yuan, but concealed it. Defendant He Xingxiang's actions constituted the crime of accepting bribes, the crime of issuing financial documents in violation of regulations, the crime of illegally granting loans, and the crime of concealing overseas deposits.

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