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Early in the morning, I worked hard to convert what I wrote when I wrote the last five hundred days, which happened to be on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. I found out that I didn’t write anything about the Mid-Autumn Festival that day. Probably because the text content of the next few days was prepared several days in advance, so I couldn’t write the article at the right time like this moment.

I heard a lot of hellish methodologies when I was a kid, but never tried one. It’s not that I’m timid, but that I feel “unnecessary”. Although I know that each of those methodologies is outrageous, if there is a “real method” hidden in it, and if it really attracts ghosts, I really can’t find a way to end it. This is the same as the small scene I often cite. A bench that is clearly attached to the wet paint, some people will not sit on it; but some people just don’t believe in evil, and they have to go to see if the paint is dry. Touched the paint; but there was a group of people, who could neither see the green paint warning nor analyze their surroundings carefully, and sat down on the wet bench.

But the world needs these people who help us test the “wet paint”, don’t they?

I saw ghosts when I was a child, but adults didn’t believe what I said, so they would try to correct my cognition so that I didn’t really think I had “seen a ghost”. Until the ghost I saw the day before was the same person who died in an accident the day after the ghost, they also pretended that it never happened and stopped talking about it – they were the group who saw the “paint” People who won’t sit down because the warning is there – even if someone removes the warning, sits there, and tells everyone passing by that the chair is already dry – they still won’t go Sit, because the “wet paint” warning has formed an inner self-restraint.

Heck, when methodology was popular among classmates, classmates always used it as a “proof of courage” to encourage and show off each other: I held an umbrella in the elevator, do you dare to knock a bowl at the crossroads, we’ll go tonight try it! Generally speaking, when a classmate dares to issue such an “invitation to try the courage” to another classmate, it is obviously because he has calculated the “win rate” and knows that the other party will definitely not accept the invitation, which proves that he is a very courageous person. .

The only time I’ve ever died was when a classmate invited me to play a ghost game at night, that is, four people sneaked into the teaching building in the middle of the night to find a classroom, and each person occupied a corner in the dark classroom. Start with classmate A in one corner, follow the root of the wall to touch classmate B in the next corner, then classmate B will follow the root of the wall to touch classmate C in the next corner, and so on, when the last classmate goes to the next corner of the wall At that time, it is said that there will be one more person, which is the so-called hit ghost. Compared with hitting a ghost, the thrill of that time came from more. Not only did we have to play this kind of terrifying game, but we also had to suppress our inner fears to avoid screaming out. After all, we entered the classroom in the middle of the night illegally. See the fucking ghost.

The reason I accepted the invitation was because the person who invited me originally thought I was a coward who dared nothing. Of course, I wasn’t trying to be brave, but I was curious about this damn methodology. In the end, I didn’t expect that I would actually go to the appointment at night – four people were standing dumbly in the classroom, and they never dared to start the “game”, especially the person I invited, who was too frightened to speak before the game started. As a result, in that game, I volunteered to be the last person who “may touch the ghost”, but the first guy who organized the game didn’t dare to take the first step. After a stalemate for half an hour, he said that he wanted to play. In the toilet, we naturally have to climb up this pole, and no one mentions whether we want to play again.

What’s more interesting than the ghost-seeking methodology is that this “The Game Of Chicken” will probably give a slap in the face to the person who is always showing off his courage among his classmates, and he will never mention anything about courage since then. matter. Of course, I would like to advise everyone here that “The Game Of Chicken”, also known as “The Game of Chicken”, is not a game with winners or losers. Or those who instinctively hit the brakes before they hit the car, even if they lose – but the problem is that those who take part in the game are all putting themselves in the same dangerous situation. But it’s like playing a game of “Russian Roulette”, except that the bullet didn’t make your head bloom.

After that, there are very few cases of death – obviously, I am more like the person who sees the “wet paint” and doesn’t try to test whether the paint is really wet.

After so many years, there are still ten damn methodologies, at least in the twenty years I have known, these methodologies are still those old routines. There are still most people who believe that “the paint is still wet”, and they have no intention of going to see if they can really see ghosts using these methodologies. If a certain method is useless, then these methodologies will be overturned, and it will not be popular again after at least 20 years, because at least the person who tried it will stand up and tell everyone that this method is useless of.

This ghost may not exist, but it already exists in everyone’s heart. He is a constraint and a common cognition, and no one will touch his bottom line.

Of course, with today’s internet, even if someone came out and told everyone that the “wet paint” chair was dry, and he even sat on it to prove the paint was dry, no one would believe him, because The fact that the paint is still wet has become the norm for lawful citizens.

Even if someone tells them that this ghost doesn’t exist, they still won’t touch it, because compliance and disallowance have become a common “moral sense” in their hearts . Of course, there will still be a group of people who use this “moral sense” to regulate others. The act of thinking that this hellish methodology is that the devil is a cult and should not be present anywhere and no one is allowed to see it.

However, there is still another possibility, maybe the ghost method is real, and the reason why no one comes forward to tell everyone that these methodologies are useful is because they have become lonely ghosts at the moment of the experiment.

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