Hidden function! 25 fun things you can do in the DuckDuckGo search engine

Takeaway: If you’re a DDG fanatic, you might enjoy using these tips to enhance your search experience.

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Some search engine alternatives respect privacy more than the ubiquitous Google
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, and DuckDuckGo is one of them.

Recently, this search engine has improved a lot, and searching general web pages is very smooth. It’s nowhere near as good as Google when it comes to searching for local places.

However, DuckDuckGo (or DDG for short) has some cool features that most users haven’t noticed yet. If you’re a DDG fanatic, you might enjoy using these tips to enhance your search experience.

1. Jump to a specific webpage

Type ! before the name of your favorite website to go directly to that website. It’s similar to Google’s “good luck” feature, but in DDG’s words, it’s called “exclamation mark search.”

Some sites have abbreviated forms that prompt you when you start typing.

duckduckgo bang feature

Entering a search term after a website name will take you directly to the search results for that website.

2. Text to ASCII

Figlet is an interesting Linux command
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, which can convert any text into a nice ASCII drawing format.

Typing figlet before any search term displays ASCII output. No need to open a terminal.

Figlet in DDG

3. Check the status of social media

Putting @ in front of someone’s Twitter name will show the TA’s status (followers, etc.).

Itsfoss Twitter

4. Generate strong passwords

Enter password and add the required number of characters to generate a unique strong password.

Generating password in DuckDuckGo

5. Generate a random passphrase

Enter random passphrase to generate a passphrase, usually 4 words in length.

Random Passphrase

6. Get a cheat sheet

Type cheatsheet after the search term you want to see a cheat sheet. If there is a cheat sheet for something you are searching for, it will appear on the search page immediately.

Vim Cheatsheet

7. Get color by color code

Enter color and add the hexadecimal code of the color you want to check to display this color.


8. Generate random numbers

Searching for random number will output a random number between 0 and 1.

Random Number

You can also specify the desired range.

Random Number between 1 and 1000

9. Convert to binary and other forms

Enter a binary number and add binary to convert it from binary to decimal.

Binary to Decimal

Similarly, it can be used for hex and octal, but I don’t know the logic of their processing.

10. Find rhymes

Type what rhymes with the words you want to find rhymes for. Poetry has grown stronger, right?

What rhymes with rain

11. Obtain constants such as Ramanujan number and pi

Type in the name of the constant you want to get the value for and you will see it in the search results.

Ramanujan Number

12. Find out who is in space now

Type people in space to get a list of people currently in space. It also shows how long they lived in space.

People in Space

13. Check whether the webpage is inaccessible

If you want to know if a site is down for you, or for everyone, just type is xyz.com down in the search term.

Is it down?

14. Get famous quotes on specific topics

Type a word with quotes , and quotes related to that word will be displayed.

Get quotes in DDG

15. Get placeholder text

Search for lorem ipsum to get 5 paragraphs of placeholder text. Should be useful to web developers.

Lorem ipsum

16. Get the calendar of any month

Type calendar after the year, month, and day, and an interactive calendar for that month will be displayed for you.


17. Generate QR code

Enter qr after the text, link, etc., and the corresponding QR code will be generated.


18. Get some CSS animations

Search css animations for some CSS animation examples.

CSS Animations

19. Expand Short Links

If you have a Bitly link or other short link and you’re not sure where it leads, instead of jumping to a page full of spam, just expand the short link to see the real URL.

Enter the keyword expand after the short link, and the real target URL will be displayed.

Expand Link

20. Get the HTML code of special characters

Search for html chars to get a long list of HTML entities and their descriptions, which when pressed will show more information in the results.

HTML Chars

21. What am I using this thing for?

This function is useless. If you type why should I use this? , it will show cause it's awesome at the top of the search results. Apparently, DuckDuckGo is talking about himself.

Why should I use this?

22. Convert case

Both upper and lower case can be converted. lowercase <大写搜索词> will display lowercase results


uppercase <小写搜索词> will display results in uppercase.


23. Encode URLs

Searching for encode and adding the URL will give the encoded result

URL Encode

24. Motherboard

Search Motherboard and you’ll see the DuckDuckGo logo on the left has changed. It will display several random logos selected.


25. Get HTML color code

Search for color codes to get a color table. Again, this feature is mostly used by web developers and designers.

Color Codes

and many others…

My buddy Sreenath came up with the idea for this post. He said there are many “Easter Eggs” in DuckDuckGo, which I think is right. But there are many inconveniences in listing them all.

If you know more interesting DDG search features like this, please share in the comments. If you find another search feature you like, please bring it up as well.

The text and pictures in this article are from Linux China


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