How can it be fake: To be honest, I can do this kind of rebellious pixel universe!

Be sure to let everyone dream of returning to the RPG master, and let everyone work in the pixel wind world.

It has been nearly half a year since Zuckerberg announced the Metaverse in November last year. In the past six months, each family has derived a different understanding of the Metaverse.

At Microsoft and Meta on track 1, the metaverse was defined as an immersive experience in a headset. And the players who follow the trend have many choices. In addition to the unfinished 2.2-rated game hall of a large factory, there are also sandbox games, NFTs, education…

Meta看好VR在办公场景的潜力,推出了Infinite Office、Horizon Workrooms等应用 Meta is optimistic about the potential of VR in office scenarios and has launched applications such as Infinite Office and Horizon Workrooms

To be honest, the popularity of the metaverse in the past six months has caused many related practitioners to have varying degrees of PTSD on the metaverse. When it comes to the metaverse, only “cyberpunk”, “night city”, “” The concepts of “digital human”, “mechanical contact lenses”, “unmanned driving”, and “bragging” are gone.

But one thing is recognized: there is no pursuit of real 3D modeling, and it is not worthy of being a “Xinyuan person”.

But recently, a company has also made a metaverse application for remote office: its application is very rebellious, not only out of 3D modeling, but also doing the best of retro, how to make the picture fake, and then add some modern videos The function must make everyone dream of returning to the RPG master, and let everyone work in the pixel wind world.

Unbelievable is that they are very serious in developing this software, and many people are actually using it.

Super cute style: for remote collaboration in reality

To put it simply, this Gather Town is a 2D online meeting application with a very cute style. You can create your own scenes as needed.

Taking the experience of an Internet user as an example, she and her colleagues created an online network office with a fountain, a conference room, and a game area—all in 2D.

These scene-based items can be created by the creators through the built-in tools provided by the application. After the construction is completed, colleagues with exclusive passwords can join and become small clones in the game (forgive me for using the word game) .

The first function, the netizen first showed you some basic services provided as an office application – Gather town – which can share various files and data.

Just by clicking on specific items, you can upload different content, word documents, audio and video, and calendars.

Then the netizen showed how to interact with other people in the office. When she meets her online colleagues in the app, the video interface of her and her colleagues will open, and then everyone can say hello to each other. The screen will also float away.

This shows that in the application, the video function will not be turned on all the time, and users need to be close to each other to connect.

This setting guarantees privacy well. The only regret may be that the gossip in the pantry is less exciting than the real world. After all, once the gossip object floats over, his big face will appear on your interface.

She then chooses to “follow” the colleague, and in the video shows off the built-in environmental tools.

They slipped into the koi moat office area created in the game, commented that there is no such thing in a real office, and after a few seconds of admiring the magnificent view, they began to demonstrate the meeting function.

They enter a specific meeting area, which guarantees the privacy of the meeting, neither disturbing nor being disturbed by others. Gather’s built-in video system can manage video conflicts, and at the same time, you can watch PPT or video together in the conference area.

Finally, after the meeting, she walked to the special block on the game rooftop and turned on the broadcast function.

When she speaks, everyone can not only hear her voice, see each other’s faces, but also see where everyone in the game is standing and respond to the speech, which is very consistent with the real speaking experience.

At the end of the video, she said, “I miss the days of working with everyone and the feeling of this community.”

You can do a lot of things besides work

The developer’s definition of this software is “gathering is fate”.

The main purpose is to help everyone to be close to each other even if they are separated by thousands of miles during the epidemic. So in addition to meeting and working, the rest of the functions also include writing on the whiteboard and playing games together in a specific area, such as you draw and guess, Tetris, etc. The scene is not limited to the office, and you can also create your own study room, bar, or even a small house to celebrate birthdays.

As a small application, the functions that can be introduced will stop there.

To be honest, this app is not a cross-generational product. However, what makes people feel rare is that in this first year of the Metaverse, it skipped the flashy bubble, returned to using technology to care for the humanities, and showed a scene of how to “use technology to strengthen the connection between people” .

Even simpler, it managed to demonstrate what a real metaverse scenario is with a small product.

Perhaps for an old man like this author, those bizarre neon lights have invaded our world for too long. This small product gives a new possibility: let people who do not like high-end cool so much have a place to breathe in the small world of the future.

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