How do I apply for a review if my electrician’s license has expired?


The electrician’s certificate that I finally got passed the test has expired unknowingly. I really want to cry without tears in the face of the expired electrician’s certificate. 1. The issue of expired electrician’s certificate The annual review of the electrician’s certificate has a rigid time requirement. Generally, the date of the next annual review will be marked on the electrician’s certificate. The electrician’s certificate is issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau and is one of the access documents for the electrical industry. First, the electrician’s certificate has an expiration period, and it needs to be reviewed regularly. It’s really not easy to get an electrician’s certificate. The preparation process for the electrician’s certificate is very hard. Friends who have passed the electrician’s certificate have a deep understanding. Therefore, you should cherish the electrician in your hand… View the full text: post/dgzgqlrh.html

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