The Volkswagen ID4 CroZZ that experienced Mojie travel on the weekend has entered the pit


On the weekend of last week, since I just got my driver’s license, I always wanted to find an SUV to practice the feel, so I signed up for the two platforms of Mojie Travel and Linkage Cloud. After an incomparable struggle in my heart, I gave up the Linkage Cloud platform. When I chose a car on the Mojie travel platform, I deliberately chose an SUV. As a result, I saw the Volkswagen ID4 CroZZ, which looks very good and looks more atmospheric. Follow the path on the map to find the past, and found a large park of the same SUV. Since it is the first time to use a shared car, I am not very good at operating it, so I spent a comparison… View full text: post/zmtymjcx.html

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