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In addition to the coffee machine dividend received today, the passive hourly wage has reached 19 yuan for the first time, and the daily wage is about 460 yuan. Although this year will end with more than a month left, it is unlikely to reach the hourly wage of 20 yuan within this year. But it is fortunate to be able to break through by itself.

The rationale for converting passive income to hourly wages has been written a few times before.

Generally, petty bourgeoisie spends their own time to make money, and the time at work can be calculated by the boss in money. Whether you receive monthly salary or hourly salary, you are exchanging working time for money, and exchanging time for money. must be restricted.

No matter whether you are rich or poor today, everyone has only 24 hours a day, that is, people who exchange time for money, at most, can only spend 24 hours a day to make money.

The rich man’s approach is different. He invests money in exchange for other people’s working time or assets. This way of thinking is not subject to and can break through the limit of only 24 hours a day.

People with assets are making money every hour. Whenever it is dead at night and we are sleeping, he is still earning income after “sleeping” in his sleep.

For me, saving stocks is a way of buying time with money.

As your capital slowly expands, you can buy more and more time. Wait until one day, your deposit can buy your current 8 hours of working time, or even more, this replaces your original salary, you can get the same salary without working, this is the real achievement. Financial autonomy.

Shengdou Xiaomin has 24 hours a day, and a big boss has more than 80,000 hours a day (if 10,000 employees work 8 hours a day). Of course, we migrant workers do not have the capital of big bosses, but we can get a share of the pie by buying shares in good companies. Therefore, it is not the price difference of the stock that is saved, but the time of the employees of the company that buys that stock.

Revisit the relationship between the concept of hourly wages and stock holdings, and share with the migrant workers who often work overtime without pay.

Remember, a lot of people have been walking the same road, but convince themselves that they will see new scenery, and I hope you are not one of them.

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