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Once again, it proves that the shortcut keys of macOS are endless: Andy Matuschak found that after pressing command + ctrl + shift + 4 and moving the cursor to draw out the screenshot area, you can have the following three operations:

  • Press and hold the space to move the selection;
  • Hold down option to resize the selection symmetrically;
  • Hold shift to lock one side of the selection rectangle and change the length of the other side

Clicking (not holding down) Space will snap the current window. But I already know this. Note that the above is all about loading the screenshots into the clipboard. If you want to save it directly as a picture, just press command + shift + 4 instead. Change 4 to 3 to take a full screen. If you are too lazy to remember the above shortcut keys, you can only remember one: command + shift + 5.

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