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The autumn is high and the air is refreshing, and people’s appetites have improved. Recently, they have obviously felt that their appetites have increased, and the same is true for babies.

After the baby is added with complementary food, the demand for calcium increases. In addition to daily milk, eggs are also essential. Babies over one year old can actually be added to the adult human diet, but they need to be made to look like a baby’s mouth. Before the bamboo shoots, we made golden egg dumplings for our baby, which are nutritious and healthy, small and cute, really happy for the baby to eat and the mother to look at.

Let’s make egg dumplings together!


Eggs, minced pork, shrimp


Pork and shrimp are minced into minced meat, and some vegetables can be added for older babies to make the nutrition more balanced. Babies over one year old should add salt in moderation, and babies under one year old do not need to add condiments.

The eggs are broken up, and the baby with egg white allergy can only use the yolk. The softness of eggs is stronger. If you want the preserved egg skin to be more tough and not easy to break, you can add a duck egg liquid to increase the viscosity of the egg skin.

Heat the pan, brush a little oil, don’t need too much, just make sure it doesn’t stick, or you can choose to add a little oil directly to the egg liquid and it won’t stick to the pan. Find a small spoon to hold the egg liquid, pour it into the pot, rotate it into a circle, try to be as even as possible, and the thickness is as per your preference.

When the egg liquid is almost solidified and still not dry, you can add the filling. The filling does not need to be placed in the middle, but can be slightly sideways. Because it is for small babies, don’t make it too big. Smaller is easier to eat. Older babies can eat it and make it bigger.

Carefully fold the egg skin with chopsticks, almost completely covering the meat filling, don’t worry about whether it is completely overlapping.

Press with chopsticks to set the shape.

Then use chopsticks to clamp both sides, don’t take the chopsticks away, clamp for a while, and then clamp them out.

If it is not easy to operate, you can use another pair of chopsticks to assist as shown in the figure, and you will become proficient after doing more.

It takes a while to shape up.

Goldfish egg dumplings are finished.

The prepared egg dumplings are only semi-finished products and need to be processed before they can be eaten. If they are eaten fresh, they can be cooked by steaming them for 5 minutes, or they can be put into soup or fried or fried. If you want to keep it, you can put it directly in the refrigerator, or you can steam it and then freeze it for a month.

The prepared egg dumplings have golden skin and plump body. The shape of the little goldfish is very cute. Children will like it. It is suitable for babies over 10 months old who are not allergic to ingredients. Babies who are allergic to egg whites only use egg yolks, no matter what. It’s great for making soup or frying.

Photo: hehe bamboo shoots

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