Huateng Bio received tens of millions of A round investment

Huateng Bio is a drug preclinical and life science R&D outsourcing service provider. The company specializes in in vitro evaluation of gene-edited cell models. It focuses on drug preclinical and life science R&D outsourcing services, specializing in high-throughput disease targets. R&D outsourcing services such as point screening, gene editing cell line construction, disease animal model construction, pharmacodynamics, drug metabolism and safety evaluation (Non-GLP), etc. And molecular biology experimental technical services. Recently, Huateng Bio completed the A round of financing. This round of financing was exclusively completed by the fund of Zhongke Yuechuang Incubator Investment Management Co., Ltd. The funds are mainly used for the construction of a large animal model resource bank of human diseases and the expansion of the production capacity of pre-clinical CRO services.

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