How to evaluate the first trailer of the animated movie “Deep Sea” on August 17, what do you expect?

My point of view has always been that the rapid development of science and technology coupled with the tenacious efforts of domestic animation people will make domestic animation at least on the screen quickly approach Hollywood animation. No, “Deep Sea” is here


1. The performance of the stormy waves is shocking and real.


2. Pay attention to the details of the water stains, the reflection in the eyes and the texture of the skin, and the phantom of the water stains nearby. Very complete and very detailed.

In addition to the very specific performance of these realistic things, the performance of imaginative things is also very brilliant.


3. Such dazzling and colorful jellyfish have never been expressed in this way. Even Westerners’ jellyfish are mostly shown in pure white and blue.


Including the colorful ocean behind it, it is full of imagination. Gathered all the Chinese people’s most romantic fantasy about the ocean.


And this picture, I can’t tell what it is, the deep sea, the center of the earth? But it’s beautiful.


In addition, the animation style of the deep sea is traceable

Zhang Yu, a famous young Chinese painter in my country, is such a style of painting



Zhang Yu has always been the favorite of Chinese animation posters. You can check it out, including Nezha, Dasheng, Big Fish and Begonia, and many of the posters of animation movies are from him. But his style of painting can one day be realized as an animation, and it is so perfect, it is also fortunate.

Finally, the picture quality of the deep sea has been pulled to the top. It can be said that it is realistic and realistic, and it is freehand enough. The rest depends on the story.

Extremely looking forward to

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