How to save dark circles and eye bags?

I will do this! After all, he is also a player who stays up late all the year round, and he often suffers from dark circles, so he has conducted detailed research on dark circles in private, and has tried many products. Today, I will talk about it specially.

Dark circles can be said to be a nightmare for many Jimei people . A pair of bright and delicate big eyes, if there are dark circles under the eyes, the appearance will be directly shattered on the side of the road . Therefore, eye care is imminent and must be started immediately.

Because of its particularity, the eye skin is the most prone to problems, and once the problem occurs, it is difficult to reverse. Therefore, the key to eye care is prevention, not waiting for the problem to appear before thinking about repair. This is the real reason why we always recommend that everyone use eye cream early.

Description of Dark Circles

Dark circles , also known as ” panda eyes ” in our mouths, are ring-shaped in the bilateral infraorbital area, appearing bluish-black or tea-black , which is a common eye problem.


In principle, dark circles are not a pathological feature, but a manifestation of the changes in the skin color of the eye caused by congenital factors or living habits. Dark circles do not affect our individual health, but their presence can greatly affect our appearance and mood, making us look listless and sluggish. So retreating, there is no negotiation.

Since we want to retreat, we must first figure out which circle to retreat and how to retreat? Will I go back to the original circle after I quit? With these questions, let’s have a good chat today.

Classification of dark circles

There are actually many types of dark circles, which can be simply divided into: pigmented , vascular , structural and mixed types according to their formation incentives.


Pigment type: mostly black, brown . Pigmentation is usually caused by thin skin around the eyes and weak ability to resist UV rays. Of course, some environmental factors ( such as excessive sun exposure, fatigue, lack of sleep, and indiscriminate use of eye makeup ) can make such dark circles worse. These dark circles are not only on the lower part of the eyelid, but also have a black shadow on the upper part of the eyelid and even around the eyes.


Vascular type: mostly dark red, dark purple . It is generally caused by poor circulation of blood vessels in the eyes. This is the most common type of dark circles, especially for people with fair skin, and this type of dark circles has the greatest relationship with “staying up late”. These dark circles often appear on the inside of the eyelids. The dark circles under the eyes of the landlord are most likely to be vascular-type dark circles!


Structure type: mostly light black . Generally divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is mainly the shadow formed by the natural tear trough, while acquired is the shadow formed by the loss of eye collagen and the relaxation of eye bags. These dark circles often appear in the eye sockets.


  • Mixed type: a composite type of the above three types, there may be two or all three. Don’t say anything, I feel sorry for you.

Of course, I also know that even if I put a few typical pictures of different dark circles, many people may still not know what kind of dark circles they have, so I have a trick here to help you make a rational judgment.

How to Identify Different Dark Circles

It is not difficult to judge what kind of dark circles you belong to. The key is to look at this part: “eye bags” . It is easy to distinguish dark circles by observing the bags under your eyes. The specific method is:

If you have obvious dark circles and serious eye bags, then you can slowly raise your head in front of the mirror and observe the mirror with the corner of your eyes. If you observe in the mirror that your dark circles seem to have faded or even disappeared, then You probably have structural dark circles ( this is because when you look up, the reflected light from the mirror will illuminate the eyelid, and the black shadow caused by the eye structure will lighten and fade or even disappear ).

Next, you can hold the dark circle with your hand (be careful not to force it too hard, it won’t work miracles, but it may happen ), then gently and slowly pull down with your hand, if you observe the dark circle color changes dimly , it may be vascular-type dark circles ( because if the finger is moderately hard, it will press the blood vessels, the blood flow will be blocked, and the vascular-type dark circles will become lighter. Pull down, because pulling will make the cuticle thin, there are May make vascular dark circles worse ).

Then the remaining one is that no matter how you pull it and observe it from various angles, the dark circles will not change. This may be pigmented dark circles . Of course, because of individual differences, differences in methods, and differences in objective judgment, not everyone can make a good judgment. More importantly, in many cases, the dark circles under the eyes are not single, and the mixed dark circles themselves are difficult to judge, and it takes many attempts to identify them.

After talking about the classification of dark circles and daily judgment methods, the next step is the most important part of today – how to get out of the circle, I think everyone can’t wait, and I am also suffocated.

How to get rid of dark circles

Pigmented dark circles

Pigmented dark circles are mostly caused by the accumulation of melanin in the eyes because most of them did not pay attention to sun protection of the eyes when they were young. So to solve it, the first thing to do is to cut off the source of the scourge. You must pay attention to the sun protection of the eyes when you usually take care of it . After sun protection, we will use some means to solve the accumulation of eye melanin.

For example, you can use some eye products that contain ingredients to eliminate and inhibit melanin ( eye creams are recommended here ), such as eye creams containing niacinamide , 377 , glabridin and vitamin A alcohol . But it should be emphasized that because the core logic of eye cream care is prevention, reversing the already formed skin problems is not its expertise. Therefore, using eye cream to solve the problem of dark circles requires a long period of time ( usually it takes half a year to more than a year ), and everyone needs to be more patient.

Of course, if you need immediate results, you must seek medical beauty. The recommended ones are Q1064 laser , picosecond laser and radio frequency .


The principle of this kind of medical beauty method is mostly to irradiate the skin with high-energy laser, and the melanocytes in the skin will absorb the high-energy laser to heat up, burst or even shatter, and then be excreted through the immune system to achieve the purpose of eliminating dark circles. However, professional medical beauty recommends going to a professional institution and looking for a professional doctor for help, instead of a roadside shop.

Vascular dark circles

Vascular dark circles are often related to everyone’s bad work and rest, such as staying up late to watch dramas, smoking and drinking. If you want to solve this type of dark circles, the above two sources of evil must first be cut off by yourself. Then we can choose some eye creams containing caffeine, vitamin A alcohol, and acetyl tetrapeptide-5 to relieve ( promote blood circulation around the eyes ).

If we want immediate relief, in addition to cold compresses ( cold compresses can temporarily shrink blood vessels and temporarily relieve dark circles ), we can only ask for medical aesthetics ( medical aesthetics methods are the same as above ).

Structural dark circles

Structural dark circles are often caused by the loss of collagen in the dermis . To deal with this type of dark circles, we must start with the collagen in the dermis. At present, from the perspective of skin care methods, we can choose some eye creams containing vitamin A alcohol or polypeptides to guide the synthesis of dermal collagen and the repair of elastic fibers . Generally speaking, it is an anti-aging idea.

Of course, structural dark circles can also be solved by filling with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid . Its working principle is to use its own adipose tissue or macromolecular hyaluronic acid to fill the eye structure and cushion the collapse of the tissue caused by the lack of collagen.


Of course, eye Thermage can also be used to supplement the shadow formed by the loss of eye collagen by promoting the production of collagen in the dermis of the eye. Structural dark circles caused by loose eye bags can also be solved by cutting eye bags.

-Mixed dark circles

This problem is more difficult, and it is recommended to find a brick home to have a look here. Doctors know you best .

Generally speaking, the skin around the eyes is very fragile and delicate. The problem is the earliest and the most difficult to reverse . If you want to reverse it, the price of money is quite high. Therefore, it is better to take care of it early and delay the occurrence of the problem is the best policy.

In addition, what I want to emphasize again and again with everyone is still: sun protection. To reduce local pigmentation and inflammatory reactions, sun protection is an essential preventive link. Sun protection is very, very important to prevent the formation of dark circles.

After reading this article, do you feel a little bit about quitting the circle?

If you find it useful, give it a like and go! If you have other skin care problems, you can also leave a message below, let’s study together!


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