Huashen Zhiyao received nearly 500 million yuan in Series A financing

Huashen Zhiyao is committed to building a new generation of artificial intelligence scientific computing platform, combined with self-developed high-throughput biological experiment technology, to provide researchers with intelligent systems for molecular computing, simulation and design in the microscopic world. In the field of new drug development, especially the development of macromolecular drugs, Huashen Zhiyao will innovatively use AI to reconstruct the drug development process, thereby greatly improving the speed and efficiency of new drug development. Recently completed nearly 500 million A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Wuyuan Capital, followed by Gaorong Capital, Neumann Capital and three angel investors Xianghe Capital, Hillhouse Ventures, and Qingzhi Capital. Huashen Zhiyao will continue to focus on the field of AI+ new drug development, expand team and business development, improve AI high-performance computing capabilities, expand high-throughput experimental platforms, and at the same time promote independent research and development of pipelines and external cooperation.

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