Huawei Kunpeng’s million-dollar plan for the next three years

The process from 0 to 1 is always full of challenges, and the process from 1 to 100 is full of challenges.

“We want to start the developer summit earlier, but in order to give developers more confidence, we decided to hold the first developer summit a few years ago when the number of developers exceeds 1 million.” Zhang Xiwei, President of Huawei’s Kunpeng Computing Business, said in 2022 It was revealed at the first Kunpeng Developer Summit on June 16, “After three years, as of June 2022, the number of Kunpeng developers has reached 1.2 million.”


Zhang Xiwei, President of Huawei Kunpeng Computing Business learned that the number of Kunpeng partners will exceed 4,000 in 2022, and they have fully entered the core industry scenarios such as provincial and municipal affairs clouds, financial core transaction systems, operator Sanduoyun, and power dispatching.


Zhang Xiwei predicts that the Kunpeng industry’s technical ecological satisfaction has steadily improved, and it is expected to reach 75% this year. The mainstream scenarios have been supported, and the bottleneck of software ecological compatibility has been eliminated.


The hardware-based software ecology is the most difficult moat to cross, and developers are an important symbol of the ecological prosperity.

In 2022, Kunpeng will focus on native development capabilities, focusing on upgrading the Kunpeng development kit DevKit and the Kunpeng application enabling kit BoostKit.

Kunpeng also has a three-year plan with a scale of more than 2 million people. In the next three years, it will have 200,000 core developers, covering 1.8 million college students, and the number of research experts will exceed 50,000.

From application migration to supporting cloud-native development

The focus of Kunpeng in 2022 is to advance the products based on Kunpeng from usable to easy-to-use. The Kunpeng Scenario SDK (Kunpeng General Computing SDK, Kunpeng High Performance Computing SDK, and Kunpeng Secure Computing SDK), Kunpeng Debugger and Scenario Performance Analysis Tool were officially launched, helping developers improve development efficiency by 50%.


Among them, five acceleration components of Kunpeng BoostKit “Data Affinity” were released at the Kunpeng Developer Conference, including distributed storage global cache, big data machine learning and graph analysis algorithms, HPC Danube suite, confidential computing TrustZone suite and cloud phone Turbo kit.


This is the key to enabling Kunpeng to upgrade from scenario-based performance tuning to “data affinity” acceleration. Through the load optimization of the entire data process, application performance can be doubled. learned that industry customers and partners such as China Telecom, Guangdong Meteorological Bureau, Kelan Software and Impulse Online are carrying out innovative practices based on the five acceleration components of Kunpeng BoostKit “Data Affinity”.

In addition to the upgrade of the development kit, Zhang Xiwei also introduced the upgrade of the operating system and database.


In terms of operating systems, Huawei supports the Euler open source community and has launched Euler DevKit, Euler SDK, Bisheng Compiler, and Euler DevOps and other complete development tool chains and services.

In addition, in terms of databases, Mass Data, Yunhe Enmo, Shenzhou General Motors, China Unicom, SuperMap Software and NTU General Motors will release commercial releases based on openGauss 3.0 in the near future. The openGauss 3.0 database was launched in April this year.

The Million Developer Program for the Next Three Years

The continuous improvement of technology and performance is the cornerstone of Kunpeng Ecology’s ability to attract developers, and the developer plan can accelerate the prosperity of the ecosystem.


Zhang Xiwei said that the Kunpeng developer plan will be fully upgraded and set goals for the next three years. In terms of partner developers, the target number of partners will increase from the current 4,000 to 10,000, and the number of core developers will reach 200,000; in terms of university talents, the number of partner universities will increase from the current 72 to 500, covering 1.8 million students; The number of scientific research teams will also be increased from the current 36 to 680, and 50,000 high-level master and doctoral talents and research experts will be trained. .

Specifically, for partner developers, Kunpeng launched the Euler Sail Partner Program this year to provide developers with relevant support such as technological innovation, training and empowerment, and is expected to cover millions of developers and thousands of partners within three years.

For colleges and universities, Huawei will integrate Kunpeng, Shengteng, Euler, Shengsi and other root technologies into colleges and universities. This year, it will launch more than 40 textbooks and teaching aids, 23 high-quality MOOCs, and release the “Smart Base” Excellent Teaching Resource Award Program. Encourage more teachers to participate in developer textbooks and MOOCs.

For scientific research developers, the Kunpeng scientific research innovation enabling plan is launched to drive the cultivation of high-level scientific research talents with industry real problems.

Of course, we must also see the success of Huawei Kunpeng. In addition to its direct value for digital transformation, it is also of great significance to Arm’s development in high-performance computing.

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