Hybrid, more sporty! Dongfeng Honda Civic e:HEV test drive experience!

On July 11, 1972, the first-generation CIVIC Civic came out. After ten generations of inheritance and innovation, it has now developed to the eleventh generation. Today, Nutshell will take you to test drive experience. The Civic e:HEV with the fourth-generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system .

Although the overall design has not changed so much, the 18-inch aluminum alloy sports wheels, the sports silver rear -view mirror and the duck tail at the rear of the car all reflect Honda’s pursuit of a sporty atmosphere.

Coming to the interior of the vehicle, the leather on the three-spoke steering wheel has a delicate feel. The multi-function buttons cover multiple functions such as driving assistance functions and multimedia shortcuts. There are also two paddles behind the steering wheel, which is convenient for the driver to adjust.

The relatively simple T-shaped classic layout and dual LCD screens basically meet all control needs.

The Honda CONNECT3.0 system can enable drivers and passengers to have good maps, music and other practical functions, and provide users with services such as road condition confirmation, arrival time confirmation, nearby search, rider group formation and information search.

Also in terms of intelligent dialogue, it has a highly natural semantic understanding ability and responds quickly. Chatting with the AI ​​assistant can realize point of interest search, intelligent recommendation, information query and other services. Provide a high-quality driving experience through a natural and smooth dialogue between people and vehicles.

The fineness of the interior workmanship also gives a worthy and exquisite experience, especially in order to make the driver and passengers more comfortable, the air conditioning knob is individually set as a physical button, which is very intimate.

The Civic e:HEV is equipped with the fourth-generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system.

2.0LD (i-in-cylinder direct injection) Atkinson cycle engine: the maximum engine power is 105KW, and the maximum engine torque is 182N·m. Evolutionary upgrade E-CVT (dual motor), the maximum power of the drive motor is 135KW, and the maximum torque of the drive motor is 315N m. Optimum ratio of motor and engine to achieve high-efficiency output in any scenario: hybrid drive mode (during strong acceleration) , motor drive mode (starting and cruising at medium and low speeds) , engine drive mode (during high-speed cruising) .

The three modes bring users a smoother driving experience. In the sport mode, the Active Sound Control (ASC) simulates the sound of the engine and interprets a more linear and brisk sound effect. The newly designed electric power meter, with separate double needle display for acceleration and deceleration, allows the driver to intuitively feel the high power output.

The engine has reached the world’s leading level of 41% maximum thermal efficiency, greatly improving fuel economy, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.39L

In general, the Civic with the development concept of “Civic” is constantly challenging and making breakthroughs. The 11th-generation Civic e:HEV is more suitable for the daily travel of urbanites who consider economical and sporty. For the hybrid Civic , which is also a larger user base.

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