Microsoft releases overall solution for automobiles and mobility for the first time in China

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Pinwan, August 28th, at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference, Microsoft released for the first time an overall solution for the automotive and mobile travel fields. Based on Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and intelligent edge technologies, it can realize the two major fields of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit. Key innovations, combined with Microsoft’s security capabilities from China to the world and a wide-ranging compliance certification system, help automotive industry companies to make global layouts efficiently, safely, and compliantly.

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For autonomous driving development, Microsoft has built an end-to-end complete autonomous driving development support solution to realize a closed loop of autonomous driving development data. Based on Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and high-performance computing platform, the solution will help developers import and analyze massive amounts of data, train and simulate the data, and finally build AI models and verify feasibility. Microsoft’s automotive ecosystem partners are also located in engineering simulations and technologies, autonomous driving simulation and verification, navigation electronic maps, etc., providing multi-industry and multi-level resource docking and service support for car companies.

In the smart cockpit scenario, based on the underlying platform of speech semantics and data architecture, Microsoft has launched an intelligent voice dialogue solution , allowing users to experience a more intelligent cockpit interaction experience. The solution supports more than 70 languages, more than 140 regional languages ​​and dialects, and the service scope can cover the whole world; it can help to build a complete intelligent dialogue structure, intelligent application of virtual human, has rich expression styles, can identify emotions, and based on this Adjust different emotional intensities to achieve emotional interaction; support fully customized cross-language neuron network voice, realize rapid development and deployment, and apply across devices and scenarios; combine Microsoft’s extensive automotive industry applications with customer-independent ecology The experience with customers will help car companies build a global, interconnected and safe smart cockpit system.

In terms of safety compliance, Microsoft provides a reliable global compliance guarantee for car companies that want to expand their overseas business. According to reports, Microsoft has more than 100 compliance certifications around the world , and an annual investment of more than 1 billion US dollars in security to help ensure that car companies meet data security requirements such as GDPR in the process of expanding their global business, and escort the global development of local car companies.

Hou Yang, Senior Vice President of Microsoft, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, said: “China is the world’s largest auto producer, has the world’s largest auto market, and is currently one of the most important new energy vehicle markets in the world. The vigorous development of the digital economy has further brought new opportunities for the electric and intelligent transformation of the Chinese auto industry, and will also help more Chinese auto companies enter a new stage of globalization. As a global technology company, Microsoft continues to deepen its efforts in the automotive industry and supports the digital transformation of the automotive industry. The overall solution for the automotive and mobility fields launched this time will leverage Microsoft’s global-covering intelligent cloud and intelligent edge services, as well as security cooperation that can satisfy both China and the global market. Regulation guarantee, promote the innovation and upgrade of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, and help Chinese car companies to go global.”

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