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When it comes to the Hexi Corridor, we will think of the war, and of the history of Wei Qinghuo, who went out of his way to expel the Huns and devour thousands of miles like tigers. In fact, the scenery of Hexi Corridor is also very beautiful. Driving through the Qilian Mountains, we can see green pastures, white sheep, black yaks and eagles flying in the sky. In July and August every year, you can also see a sea of ​​rapeseed flowers in Biandukou and Menyuan.

But when it comes to Hexi Corridor, we have to say Qilian Mountain. Without Qilian Mountain, there would be no Hexi Corridor.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, a dramatic change occurred in the Earth’s crust. The Eurasian plate was slowly uplifted by the impact of the Indian subcontinent plate, forming the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; at the same time, an arc-shaped mountain range with an average altitude of over 4,000 meters was pushed up and uplifted, which is the Qilian Mountains.

At the northern foot of the Qilian Mountains, a long and narrow corridor like a throat is naturally formed, which is the Hexi Corridor. Although it is located in the northwest inland, thanks to the precipitation in the mountains, as well as the snow and glacier melt water covered by the Qilian Mountains, there are oases here, such as Dunhuang and Jiayuguan.

What we are going to talk about today is that this Qimu Dairy is located in Jiayuguan City. I found it when I was buying milk on Taobao. Since it is the raw milk supplier of Mengniu Yili, it has a new meaning for us to understand the distribution of milk sources in my country. Inspired. I discovered Qimu Dairy in Jiayuguan because I first knew Zhangye’s Advance Dairy.

(The picture below is a photo taken in Qilian Mountains last year)


1. Why does Sichuan Jule buy raw milk from Gansu?

When it comes to Zhangye, many people are familiar with it, and it is also an important town in the Hexi Corridor. In the fifth year of the Sui Dynasty, when Yang Guangxi toured, he met the kings and envoys of 27 countries in Zhangye, known as the “World Expo” in history, which is probably the earliest World Expo in the world. Zhangye is also famous for its colorful Danxia landform. The Qianjin Animal Husbandry we are going to talk about is located in Zhangye.

Qianjin Animal Husbandry was discovered in Sichuan Jule’s prospectus (draft).

Jule’s raw milk is provided by large-scale ranches, professional cooperatives, and shareholding and holding ranches, which are mainly distributed in Gansu, Ningxia, Northeast China and Sichuan. As shown in the picture below, Zhangye’s Qianjin Dairy is the largest supplier of Sichuan Jule. When I saw this, my mind was full of question marks.

Zhangye is in the northwest and Chengdu is in the southwest. They are so far apart, how can they still transport milk to Chengdu for production?

Why does this operation exist? Is this operation reasonable?


So I opened the Gaode map and found that the driving time from Zhangye’s Qianjin Animal Husbandry to Chengdu Jule was only about 15 hours. There is a Lianhuo Expressway in the road map. We also took this road when we went to Zhangye to see the colorful Danxia, ​​but we didn’t expect that we could reach Chengdu via Lianhuo Expressway to Lanhai Expressway.

In fact, the distance is only a consideration. There are other reasons for Sichuan Jule to choose Zhangye Qianjin Animal Husbandry as a supplier.


Sichuan Jule told us the reason why the company chose Zhangye Advance Animal Husbandry in the prospectus (declaration draft).

First, the milk supply in Sichuan is insufficient.

Before 2015, the company’s fresh milk suppliers were concentrated in Sichuan Province, which is not a major livestock production area in my country, and the production of fresh milk continued to decline for many years. Contact the ranch.

Second, Zhangye’s milk source has advantages.

Considering that the northern pastures are located in Zhangye City and Wuzhong City in the northern latitude “golden milk source belt”, the forage resources are abundant, and the protein content and microbial indicators of fresh milk have obvious advantages.

Third, the high-speed network is improving day by day.

The increasingly perfect highway network can fully ensure that the raw milk will not be damaged in the process of sending it to the company’s processing base;

Fourth, it has a price advantage.

In addition, combined with the quality of raw milk, the price of purchasing raw milk from northern ranches to the factory has an advantage compared with the price of purchasing raw milk from suppliers in Sichuan Province. In 2015, the company signed a ten-year procurement agreement with Qianjin Agriculture and Jinyu Agriculture Agreement, based on the above background, the company began to purchase fresh milk from Qianjin Dairy.

From the perspective of purchase price, the price of raw milk purchased from Qianjin Dairy in Gansu is 4.68 yuan per kilogram, and the price of raw milk purchased from Sichuan is about 4.60 yuan. There is not much difference between the two.


2. Can’t buy Qianjin Milk, but found Qimu Dairy

When it comes to Jiayuguan, we will think of the world’s most important pass with a dangerous terrain. The Qimu Dairy to be discussed next is located in Jiayuguan City. I found Qimu Dairy because I wanted to buy Qianjin Milk.

A colleague from Gansu province, I asked him if he had ever drank Qianjin milk.

He asked me, “Have you ever had milk without water?” He also said that Qianjin milk is really fragrant.

In this case, I must buy Qianjin Milk and try it, but I have not found the official flagship store of Qianjin Dairy through the company’s official website, WeChat search, and Jingdong Tmall. But I found Qimu Dairy’s flagship store.

Qimu Dairy mentioned on the Tmall product introduction page:

As the raw milk indicators exceed EU standards, Qimu raw milk directly supplies dairy giants and is a high-quality milk source base for Mengniu and Yili Dairy.



The picture below is the distribution map of Chinese pastures taken in Yili. in:

There are 1301 pastures in North China;

There are 533 pastures in the Northeast;

There are 528 pastures in the South;

There are 443 ranches in the Northwest Territories.

Southwest China is not the distribution area of ​​major pastures in my country, so Jule will say that Sichuan’s milk supply is insufficient.


Before I learned about Qianjin Dairy and Qimu Dairy, I didn’t know that these cities along the Qilian Mountains would have large-scale dairy companies, and I didn’t know that they would become the raw milk suppliers of Yilimeng cattle.

The irrigation water for the pastures here comes from glacial meltwater in the Qilian Mountains.

Without the collision between the Eurasian plate and the Indian subcontinent plate, there would be no Qilian Mountains, no Hexi Corridor, no Dunhuang, Zhangye and Jiayuguan, and no pastures and cows.

Thanks for my restless curiosity, my desire to eat more good things that I don’t even know about.

Of course, the Qilian Mountains, the glacier meltwater, and the civilization that has been passed down for thousands of years should be most grateful for. Born in China, awesome!

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