IDC: The data governance market will exceed 5 billion yuan in 2021

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 17 that IDC, a global authoritative consulting agency, officially released a series of reports on data governance. IDC divides the data governance market into two major markets: the data governance platform market and the data governance solution market.  The report shows that the data governance platform market will reach 2.39 billion yuan in 2021, with Alibaba Cloud, China System, Tencent Cloud, and H3C as the main suppliers. In addition, the data governance solution market will reach 2.66 billion yuan in 2021, with Yixin Huachen, Percent Technology, Kangaroo Cloud, Puyuan, Huaao Data, and Mingyuan Cloud as the main suppliers. From the perspective of market growth, the market size growth in 2022 is expected to be much higher than the annual growth in 2021.

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