National Health Commission: Continue to guide all localities to actively and steadily promote the vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine

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 According to the Titanium Media App on June 17, He Qinghua, a first-level inspector of the National Health and Health Commission’s CDC, said that according to the overall deployment of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, the National Health and Health Commission continues to guide local governments to actively and steadily promote the vaccination of the new crown vaccine. As of June 16, a total of 3,393.119 million doses of the new crown vaccine have been reported nationwide, the total number of inoculations has reached 1,292.334 million, and 1,259.184 million people have been vaccinated throughout the whole process, accounting for 91.66% and 89.31% of the national total population respectively. %. 785.696 million people completed booster immunization, of which 39.873 million people received sequential booster immunization. The number of elderly people over the age of 60 covered by vaccination reached 231.449 million, accounting for 87.66%, and the number of elderly people who completed the whole course of vaccination was 219.389 million, accounting for 83.09%. The number of older adults who completed booster immunizations was 171.217 million.

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