If you drown in the river, there will be water, and the yellow spring will wash away the damned

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△ 230|If you drown in the river, there will be water, and the yellow spring will wash away the damned

This title has been left in the draft box for several days. It has not been moved because it has been interrupted by other inspirations. When I really want to go back and continue writing, it seems that this matter itself is about to change from people’s vision, Weibo’s hot searches and damnable crusades faded. This thing is very simple. Every summer, there are people who swim and play in the river to enjoy the shade. Every year, there are people who break into the flash flood and are killed. Even if there are very obvious signs warning people not to stay in the river in these dangerous areas, but people just don’t believe in that evil, so because this matter is too “accustomed”, I don’t think there is anything to discuss – I can only say It is because there are too many “places” waiting for a balanced reincarnation on Huangquan Road, and it is necessary to take away some deadly lives in order to maintain the balance of “below”.

The reason why this year is going to be discussed and discussed again is because in this year’s public opinion environment, there have been discussions about “damn” and “don’t be damned”, and a group of Internet morality pacesetters are even discussing it on the Internet in Simplified Chinese. , should someone take the responsibility of “the dead are the greatest” for these “innocent lives” washed away by flash floods without warning?

Of course, I think this group of people is “damn”, otherwise I wouldn’t use such a topic ; but this year is more interesting, and I think they “don’t deserve to be damned”. They felt that many people came to these scenic spots in the deep mountains and forests because of the “Xiaohongshu”, a simplified Chinese social platform, based on other people’s “check-in” recommendations. The recommendation of “books” has become a conventional tourist attraction. The manager of the forest area or scenic spot should have anticipated such a risk, so the warning sign that “reminds everyone not to stay in the river” is no longer enough, and the manager of the forest area or scenic spot needs to arrange someone to remind. , Discourage, organize everyone to evacuate in time before the flood, otherwise they will not play an effective protective role for tourists.

To be honest, this bullshit logic is really fucking decent, and it knows how to incorporate the legal theory that “the law does not blame the public” that can override the law. Since everyone did not follow the rules of the warning signs, this group of giant babies had to have another group of people to protect them. Although it was outrageous, it was reasonable for a creature like giant babies.

There is an old Chinese saying, “When drowning in a river, there will be water.” It originally refers to those talented people who often make fatal mistakes because of their overconfidence in their abilities. It is easy to understand from the literal meaning. Those who can swim in the river are also those who can swim. Those who can’t swim know that they will drown and of course do not dare to jump into the water rashly. They can also ride horses.” But there is a problem with this old adage that we are also too confident in those who “can swim”, they not only feel that they have the ability to surpass ordinary people, but also do not allow others to point their fingers at their behavior, so in the end it is Tragedy – but what happened today does not seem to be a group of people who know water drowned in the big river. They obviously don’t have that ability, and they have to violate the rules. It’s not a question of ability, it’s a question of intelligence, so I feel that adding half a sentence after “drowned in the river” will cover all situations – Huangquan washes away the damned.

When I was a child, I knew a neighbor who loved to “die”. Of course, I didn’t understand the word “die” at that time, because he really died because of “work” one day, and people felt that he was in the mouths of others. Those who were “daring”, “courageous” and “unwilling to admit defeat” were the reasons for his death–because no one encouraged him in his death, and no one was the “opportunity”, so although his death was vigorous, ” The game of “the dead is the greatest” is silent.

This neighbor loves to compare himself with others. He is a typical person who doesn’t have much ability, but at least he can’t lose his arrogance. But fortunately, he is very fond of fiddling. If there is a new addition to someone else’s home, he can also use his own pair of skillful hands to make something with similar functions with the materials around him. In the family home where I was a child, there are a few people with deep memories. In addition to the “rich man” who has two mistresses and a family outside, there is also a “madman” who has not found a suitable opportunity for her to appear and tell stories. One is this “capable person” who has to compare everything with others. How much does he love to compare? Some families have the first washing machine that integrates washing and dehydration, but most of them still use separate ones-for “comparison”, he invented for himself a washing machine through waste The bicycle is connected to the dehydration kinetic energy device, and skill training can also dehydrate the clothes in the device by pedaling the bicycle in place. I have to say that he is really creative and invented a “spinning bicycle” in a sense so early.

He died because he “touched the switch”. I remember it should be the home of the “rich”. One winter, a man came back from Shenzhen with an “electric blanket”, which caused quite a stir in the entire family home at that time. The “capable” pouted, obviously dissatisfied, and that night began to study how to invent a “can’t lose” electric blanket for his family. When it comes to mechanical kinetic energy, his “ability” is very good, but when it comes to electricity-related things, he is also a little timid, but since he has already praised many people and said, “What’s so difficult about electric blankets, I’m not good at doing it yet?” “. He originally thought that the electric blanket he invented by himself could make the whole family remember him – of course, he still succeeded, but it was because the moment he was electrocuted, the fuse of the main switch was burned due to a short circuit, which made the whole building The residents of the building were all cut off from the electricity, and everyone was swearing at home, except for the shrill mourning and crying from the door of one house.

Of course he’s not “drowned in the river”, because not only does he not know how to swim, but he also has to jump into the river, and he doesn’t know who the fuck he’s going to compete with. Of course, it is precisely because of his unwillingness to admit defeat, you have a character that I also have. Before his death, everyone ignored him and didn’t want to arouse this “capable person” because of his every move. Desire to win. Someone told him on the shore, don’t jump, it’s not the Jialing River outside the door, it’s really a yellow spring. He didn’t believe it, so he had to jump in and try to prove that those who didn’t follow their own perceptions were wrong.

When his death was announced in the family home, no one told the truth. Everyone pretended to be trapped in a fake plot. On the contrary, I know the real reason for his death, because I heard another one or two in the neighbor’s gossip—everyone thinks he is a pity on the surface, but secretly thinks that he actually “killed” himself.

Just like that notice, you wrote it, but with so many people going down, that notice is useless! Or one day, they will blame the “Little Red Book” that recommended the death of these damned people in the first place. Who was the first sinner?

Finally, let me tell you another possibility-maybe the people “below” have already used their mobile phones, and they also know how to use social platforms. Maybe the attractions that are punched to death are not recommended by living people, maybe This is the trap that connects Huangquan.

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