Louis XIV

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This portrait of King Louis XIV of France, painted in 1701, was commissioned by the painter Hyacinthe Rigaud for Louis XIV to fulfill the wishes of his grandson Philip V. Louis XIV ordered Rigaud to make a copy and give it to Philip V, while the original remained at Versailles. The portrait became the “official portrait” of the most famous king in French history. But we’re here today to discuss… shoes. Louis XIV is perhaps the most famous person in history to wear high heels. Under Louis, the higher and redder the heel, the stronger the wearer. In 1670, the king issued a decree that only nobles could wear high heels. Also if you look closely at the portrait, you will notice the red heels. Of course it is symbolic: it shows that the person wearing it is rich enough not to get his shoes dirty, and it shows that he is strong enough to trample enemies underfoot. The Sun King only allowed those who benefited him to wear red high heels.

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Side note: More men in history have worn heels; luckily, they’re all documented in art !

277 × 194 cm


Musée du Louvre

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