iftop – monitor server real-time bandwidth

Introduce Linux’s tool for viewing bandwidth network card traffic: iftop

The function of iftop:

  • real-time traffic
  • Reverse IP resolution
  • Display port information

install iftop

 yum install iftop -y

Introduction of related parameters


Identification Description

  • “<=”/”=>”: direction of traffic
  • “TX”: traffic sent by the network card (outbound direction)
  • “RX”: Traffic received by the network card (inbound)
  • “TOTAL”: total network traffic (sum of outbound and inbound directions)
  • “cum”: the total flow of iftop running to the current time
  • “peak”: the traffic peak of the network card
  • “rates”: Represents the average flow of 2s, 10s, 40s

Effect screenshot omitted

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