Immersive work

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I find that moving things on the screen attract attention, and now I receive a lot of messages every day, and there will be hundreds of them if I don’t read them for an hour. This kind of work is terrible. At first I forced myself not to pay attention to the number of unread messages, but after trying for a while, I still found that I would lose focus.

The best way is to block all real-time messages. Using IM at work is a very bad idea. Many colleagues cannot describe their problems when they ask SRE for help, which leads to sending a message and waiting for his reply. .

I also tried to block some messages, but I found that I couldn’t block them. There are always new groups pulling up. The default messages are pushed, and new strangers will come to ask some questions.

If IM tools have “expedited” capabilities, there will be a day when all the messages people send will be “expedited”.

Since users don’t like using submission tickets, we can use IM as a ticket.

I found that Dozer is a very useful tool recommended by netizens . It can hide the active icons on the Mac Toolbar.

When concentrating on work, you only need to leave two icons, one is the time, and the other is a program that reminds you to stand every 30 minutes.

Moreover, the UI design of this software is very genius, and all operations can be completed with only two points. It just meets my needs: hide the movable things on the Toolbar.

In this way, you only need to check IM messages regularly during the work interval. Reply all IMs once. If you can’t describe the problem clearly at one time, you just need to wait for the next communication.

Another annoying place is that when someone @me, the app’s icon will jump on the Dock. To disable all app beating, you can use the following two commands:

  1. defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUE
  2. Then let the Dock restart: killall Dock

That way, when you’re concentrating on your work, there’s nothing moving on the screen.

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