Putting a hot face on a cold butt hurts the face or the butt the most?

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△ 244|A hot face on a cold butt hurts the most, the face or the butt?

Yesterday, I went to the forum and saw a post saying that his girlfriend asked him to recommend a laptop that fits his budget. After analyzing from various dimensions and various cost-effectiveness, he identified several products that his boyfriend felt very suitable for the budget. In the end, I didn’t expect my girlfriend to spend more money to buy a MacBook. My boyfriend felt that he was “played”, and the weakness in his heart was broken. So I made a post to complain, I felt that I shouldn’t be so obsessed with the other party, and sometimes it’s enough to be fooled.

In fact, the boyfriend who posted the post has already found the “crux” because he is too manipulative and wants to impose his own cognition and “I think it’s good for you” on others, so he ends up with such a “hot face” Put on a cold ass” ending.

From this point of view, when the “hot face” is attached to the cold butt, the damage is indeed heavier than the “cold butt”.

“I think this will be better” has always been a cognitive cycle that many people love to fall into. After all, standing and talking doesn’t hurt, so there are always such a group of people who will work hard without suffering from others. Encourage people to be kind. It seems that only their methodology can save a person from the sea of ​​misery. No matter how bad it is, if the other party does not obey their methodology, they will switch to another stance and wait aloft for the other party to achieve “It will be a disadvantage if you don’t listen to the old man’s words. in front of”.

Of course, from another angle, let alone the methodology of people advising each other, even “talking about books and singing opera” can “persuade people”, but those who can really understand can listen to them, or even if they understand and listen to them After all, it is the majority of people who will not do it after all. The reason is there, but whether to do it or not, when people are faced with that choice, they will definitely choose a method that is very different from the main principle—but also It is precisely because of this choice that people are more profound that the truth has a reason for its existence . If people did not violate it and suffered some kind of result like an oracle, it would not reflect the value of the existence of the truth.

There is an old saying in China, “The person who ties the bell must also tie the bell.” It was originally said that there was a heroic Zen Master Taiqin Fadeng in Jinling. Because he had nothing to do all day, other meditation monks were too lazy to look at him, but only one Zen master named Fayan valued the understanding of Zen Master Taiqin Fadeng. . On that day, Fayan asked everyone, “Who is the solution for the golden bell of the tiger item?”

The original meaning of “the bell must be tied to the bell” means that in order to solve the trouble, the person who caused the trouble must solve it himself. But this concept has become more and more blurred, and eventually it has become a “methodology” for educating others, that is, “heart disease needs heart medicine”. Those who do not listen to persuasion, refuse to give up their obsessions, and who finally get close to a hot face but are stuck on their cold buttocks, when they make the final conclusion with “the bell must be tied”, there are quite a few. A death declaration of “No help, wait for death, anyway, you don’t realize where your problem is”. But let’s go back to the original meaning, it’s not necessarily the parties who are causing those “trouble”, they may be the tiger with the bell tied, and it’s not them who want to untie the bell – of course, There is also a possibility that they know who tied the bell for themselves, but even if he has realized that it is a shackle, he is still protecting the person who tied the bell for himself. For example, those wives who know that their husbands have cheated on them, because they don’t want to break off the relationship, would rather lie to themselves to accept the reality.

From this point of view, it seems that the “cold butt” just depends on the temperature posted by the “hot face” to solve their cold condition, and even because the “hot face” dropped the sentence after the “hot face”. You must be a bell person”, and being pushed into the abyss that will only become more and more entangled.

Let’s go back to the original story. The boyfriend recommends a more cost-effective computer to his girlfriend. During this process, the boyfriend will inevitably bring his own cognition and insights into it, which will form a sense of “truth”. , and this “truth” can only persuade one subject at first, that is, the party himself. If this truth continues to expand and a second person agrees with it, then the “true meaning” of this truth will increase a little bit, and more and more people will agree with this truth, then this truth will become something similar to “morality” ——But the problem lies in this link. Most Chinese believe that “morality” is binding or even mandatory for others.

So that’s why this post has aroused so many people’s discussions, and the point of their discussion is no longer the comfort of the poster, but an internal “moral war”, a group of people think that the poster recommended The computer configuration is very cost-effective, representing a kind of “morality”, while another group of people thinks that his girlfriend finally chose a MacBook for both performance and appearance. A debate of right and wrong, and eventually the thread turned into a “brand war”, a jungle game of right and moral high ground between pro Windows and pro macOS.

Of course, it is not only in China that there is such a thing as “moral transcendence and release of restraint effect”. For example, in today’s foreign airports, often only Chinese people wear white protective clothing for isolation and protection. The vast majority of foreigners will not be so exaggerated in protection, and will not even wear masks. Some foreigners also complained to the airport, believing that the group of people in white protective suits were creating an atmosphere of terror and asking them to take off such clothes. This is a typical “reason” that one thinks jumps three levels at once, and becomes a “law” that binds others.

But in another place, such as Shibuya in Tokyo, there are people who wear exaggerated visuals, or have tattoos all over their faces and all kinds of metal needle rings all over their bodies, but no one will stand up to stop their behavior, thinking that Their appearance goes against “morality” and even “law”. Those who can’t accept this form will zip through the alleys of Shibuya rather than walk to the center of Shibuya to be mixed with such a crowd. A kind of self-discipline evolved from “reason” to “morality” between them. I don’t interfere with you, so please don’t interfere with me – but you can think about it, if there is such a rule in China similar to Shibuya The street, let alone those in fancy clothes, even the condom advertisements on this street may be complained by some children’s parents.

To sum up, “hot face with cold ass”:

  • “Hot face” feels that he is warm enough and should warm his cold butt, which is a “reason” . But this principle only applies to the client himself, because he himself thinks that the temperature of the “hot face” is enough to warm the other party, so the coldness of the “ass” at this time is likely to hurt the other party.
  • Most people think that a “cold butt” is itself cold and cannot be warmed by a “hot face”. It is a kind of “morality” and a kind of public awareness, but the problem is that this “morality” should not have binding force. If someone’s “ass” is naturally hot, they shouldn’t be ridiculed or even slandered by this group of “cold ass” – of course, this is quite difficult to do in China.
  • The “hot face” was posted on the “cold butt”, and as a result, he was so cold that he turned to seek more comfort from the “hot face”. “morality”, but the boundary expansion of this “morality” is extremely unstable, and it will become a moral game of “as long as you don’t agree that my face is hot, you are slandering me”, so such “morality” will evolve into Another thing – “equal rights” .
  • “Cold Ass” was posted and could not be warmed back, so “Hot Faces” united to ridicule “Cold Ass”. They are a group of stubborn beings, and sooner or later they will be cruelly punished by reality. The “cold buttocks” also decided to band together and defend their “cold” power. This time is a “moral war” .
  • In the end, “hot face” won. They mastered the political system of face and buttocks. They believe that “hot face” is the warmest existence in the world. It can warm any existence. Those “cold buttocks” that cannot be warmed are It’s sick that hooligans are the trash of this society, so they rushed into the house of the “cold ass”, smashed and burned everything they thought was causing the “ass” to become cold, and then established a higher than “moral”. existence, they call it “law” .
  • The “cold butt” began to feel scared, and could only pretend that he was warmed by the “hot face”, but he couldn’t really be attached by the “hot face”, otherwise it would reveal that his “ass” was still cold and hard. So they learned to accept the reality, no matter what new “hot face” comes up with about “all people can be warmed and saved by them”, the “cold butt” must accept it or they will be sewn Assholes don’t allow them to see the unvarnished truth, plugs don’t allow any noise, they call it…

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