In a semi-free world, quietly be a free man

What was your “semi-free” experience?


Taking a taxi to work on a rainy day, the master looked at my green code (an editor of a single reading) and said, “Yo, it’s been three days, you should do it today.” I said yes. After get off work in the evening, another master looked at my green code and said, “Hey you…” I hurriedly said, “I did it today!” The master said, “That’s good, that’s good. You can still do it tomorrow. Take a car.”
Obviously, we still have the freedom to take the car. Most people are still eating, meeting, traveling, and living an ordinary life, but they are more aware of the conditions of freedom, and as a last resort, they are more affected by the changes in these conditions.
Is half freedom also freedom?
In fact, anywhere in the world, the freedom to eat, meet, and travel is conditional: such as not breaking the law, such as not harming others; such as not leaving one’s place, such as not crossing the fence that should not be crossed – there is always someone who can Experience the compromises of the conditions of freedom, its ambiguity and flexibility, and its inefficiency.
Some unspeakable experiences, we can draw.
Single-reading opens the “Place Painting” column, and at the moment when the language part fails, use another expression to quietly retain the current feeling. The theme of the first issue is “semi-freedom”. We invited five independent comics authors, Goushi, Yihu, Yida, kkcit and Lu Ran, to put a picture in the form of one per person.









The “Place Paintings” column accepts submissions with unlimited theme, style and length. If you also want to express your desires with comics, please send your works to [email protected] , and indicate “Submission in the “Place Paintings” column”.


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What was your “semi-free” experience?

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