In five months, you will be a hero

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I participated in the training of Brothers in 2017 (of course when the epidemic broke out at the end of 2019, Brothers also fell, but I still have to say that the teaching style of Brothers is very good, pay tribute to Brothers) cloud computing course training, training time It was from the end of April to the end of September, and then I moved to Hangzhou to work in October. Since I knew that the students who were trained were dwarfs, I have been pressing this matter in my heart for the past five years. Now, it has been five years since I decided to participate in the training. Of course, the self in five years will not be very successful, but compared to the self who had nowhere to go back then, today’s state is already a great expectation. Therefore, being able to reach this state today has a great relationship with the inferior status when he entered the field. This is probably the true meaning of the action of the opposite and the use of the weak by the weak. I used to feel uneasy about this inferior status, but now I can face this problem, which means that I have come out. In the past two days, I accidentally turned out an assignment left when I first entered school: a letter to the future, hoping to pass Such a letter to motivate yourself. When I read through this letter again, I could vaguely realize that a person’s destiny has long been determined by his comprehensive cognition. Opportunities are very rare. If it is said that choosing to enroll in the training class at that time is completely unintentional, it is somewhat arrogant, but it is true that no one has given me guidance at that time. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Even if you are not prepared for the opportunity, as long as you have good behavior habits, you can seize the opportunity and reach the other side.

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