In those years, Zhang Erer of those people

Text/Zhou Mobai

This is the first person I recall from high school. I will also write about many people who constituted my high school and my youth.

I think I may never forget the girl with short hair whose face was tanned red during military training. I can’t forget her not because of her Chibi Maruko-like appearance, but because she is the first in the school. The senior high school entrance examination is only one point away from the key middle school, and I am several points behind. For me at that time, she was a mountain that I could only look up to.

Looking back now on her blank expression when she was called out of the queue by the teacher and appointed as the monitor, she was really silly and cute. But at that time, I didn’t dare and would not have such an idea at all. At that time, I only had infinite admiration and admiration for her. After all, there are still several classes between Xueba and Xueba!

On the first night of school, we freshmen listened to the leaders chattering on the stage in the playground. I don’t know what kind of coincidence and fate, Zhang Erer actually stood in front of me, not to mention that I would blush even talking to an ordinary girl at the age of sixteen, not to mention that the other party was the unattainable first place.

I think it’s a very funny and ridiculous picture that the first place and the last student stand together quietly like this!

I thought we would stand like this until the end of the lecture, but what I didn’t expect was that she turned around and gave me a big smile, and took the initiative to chat with me. I read a sentence before: “In a strange environment, the first person who greets you first will become your best friend.” Maybe this is God’s will. The friendship between me and her has taken root and grown slowly since then.

The chat that night made my impression of her change a lot. It turned out that she was not a high-spirited high school bully, but a cocky high school bully.

It’s just a pity that she lost Xueba’s crown later, leaving only the dick’s broken straw hat.

At the beginning of the school year, many glorious titles, such as class monitor and first place, were put on her head one after another. Perhaps these false names and the teacher’s praise made Erer mistakenly think that he has become the kind of child who can get the first place without paying attention to the class, the kind of child of God. So Er Er began to relax, and began to talk and pass notes in class, just like those underachievers.

For the first monthly exam in high school, the school divides the exam room according to the grades entered into the school. Without any suspense, I was in the fifth examination room and she was in the first examination room. The school leaders are very interesting and ingenious that there is no invigilator in the first examination room, and they call it the “integrity examination room”. Later I heard that with the help of a group of friends, Er Er retained the title of the first place. But then the school never set up an integrity examination room again, probably the school heard about it like I did.

So Er Er indulged another month in the No. 1 “Coolidge Prosperity”. I have always been puzzled why I knew how poor my grades were in the first monthly exam, but now I don’t work hard. Perhaps, a dazzling test result will really make people dizzy and lose themselves.

What I could have expected was that the second monthly exam in 22nd would definitely slip, but what I didn’t expect was that she almost slipped to my position. Just like all of us worried about her, parents and teachers really talked to her one after another. I don’t know how such a small girl could bear such a great pressure and loss. Even though she made a lot of mistakes, isn’t such a bombing interview too cruel? Fortunately, Er Er’s optimism and strength saved her. Later, when we were interviewed by the teacher when our grades declined, we often mentioned this matter. We always joked and said: “Look at Zhang Erer, it’s okay to retire more than a hundred years ago, what are you doing?” ” Zhang Erer himself also joked: “Look at me back then, what are you?” After we finished speaking, we always laughed wantonly together, and Erer also laughed with us, bright and clear.

If one day, someone tells you: “Put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha immediately.” Please don’t hesitate to rush up and give him two loud slaps. In my opinion, the bastard words like “put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha immediately” are undoubtedly a big blow to those monks who chant scriptures all day long and do good deeds all their lives, just like those who shouted: “In the last two hundred days, I will start from three The ignorant madman who rushed into Peking University gave those good boys who had studied hard for a long time a big slap in the face. Is it possible to completely dilute the previous mistakes by repenting after making a mistake? Is it possible to completely heal the scars on the board when the nails driven into the board are pulled out?

Er Er used his own lessons to tell me: “Impossible!”

Many college students jokingly said: “If you don’t listen to one section of advanced mathematics, it means that you don’t need to listen to this semester’s advanced mathematics.” Due to two months of missing courses in the second and second sections, the science courses cannot be made up anyway. I had no choice but to learn the text like me. However, her comprehensive essays also fell too far, and the rankings are still very low, very low.

Fortunately, maybe it was the great pain caused by that huge setback that inspired her, and I never seemed to see her relax herself again. From the second year of high school to the third year of high school, the cold comes and goes, and the hard work is always the same.

Always remember, there will be reverberations. God will not treat children who work hard.

In three years, she finally climbed from over 100 to No. 22, just in line with her nickname – Zhang Erer. Although her final college entrance examination results were not satisfactory, she became an alumnus with her favorite teacher. But I know that if she didn’t slack off in those two months at the beginning, my college entrance examination score might not be the second in the school but the third

I often look at her, look at myself, I think God is a naughty ghost who loves to tease people.

As the saying goes: “You get what you sow.” I think this is another sentence that should be slapped in the face. Er Er, even if I don’t do my English homework, I will get a few points higher than if I do my English homework seriously. And even if I watched her write comprehensive essay questions while playing with a pen, I could still beat her by a few points in comprehensive essays. Seeing this, I know you must think “It’s too hard to work hard to outweigh talent.” Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not all I’m going to tell you.

Although I do one English reading time, I can do five in two or two. Although I am still clumsy in English class, Er Er still answers fluently. Although my English still didn’t beat her after all, after three years of hard work, the gap between my English and hers has narrowed by tens of points.

Although I can do five questions in the time it takes me to do one essay comprehensive question on February 2. Although Er Er was still blushing in the comprehensive literature class, I still laughed and talked about the situation. Although she still didn’t beat me in the comprehensive literature, but after three years of hard work, the gap between her comprehensive literature and mine has been narrowed by tens of points.

I think it may be wrong to say “no pain, no gain”, but there is nothing wrong with “work hard, you will gain”, and there is nothing wrong with “diligence can make up for one’s weakness”. Since our talents have already been determined by God, the only thing we can change is hard work the day after tomorrow. It sounds helpless but it’s fair and true, isn’t it? This is the conclusion that Erer and I have reached after three years. Book teachers may deceive us, but I believe that reality will never deceive us.

Ok, let’s stop here. To this day, Er Er is still inspiring and alerting me. I once admired her for her brilliant achievements, but now I look up to her for her repentance and tenacity. She will always be my friend.

Zuo An Ji: Recently, I was surrounded by that Mr. Ao in all time and space, and I was a little breathless. We still need to read more stories, after all, life cannot all be the same. In learning, when you are making progress, it seems that there are thrusts all around you. If you slack off, it will be smooth sailing. As with students, so with life.

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