Intel is MediaTek’s foundry chip, using Intel16, and shipping after 18 months

On July 25, Intel and MediaTek announced a strategic partnership. MediaTek has announced that it will use Intel Foundry Services (IFS) to produce a range of chips for smart edge devices.

MediaTek is the fourth largest chip designer in the world in 2021, producing more than 2 billion chips per year, and TSMC undertakes most of its chip foundry orders.

Intel’s foundry business was launched in March 2021 by Intel’s current CEO, Pat Kissinger. Pat said the business aims to revive Intel’s market position and boost Intel’s influence in global chip manufacturing.

At the Intel Capital Conference in 2022, Pat ambitiously proposed that in the next four years, Intel will cross five process nodes and “continue” the blueprint for Moore’s Law, which has gradually declined.

According to the plan, Intel will put into production Intel4 process chips manufactured using EUV technology in the second half of 2022, put into production the more advanced Intel3 process chips in the second half of 2023, and fully enter the “Amy Era” in 2024. Intel10A and Intel18A process chips with transistor architecture RibbonFET.

Although it has a grand blueprint, so far, Intel’s foundry road has not been smooth.

In order to develop the IFS business, Intel has invested more than 20 billion US dollars, but the Intel foundry business only brought in 283 million US dollars in revenue in the first quarter of this year, and the business is still in the expansion period. There is still a gap in size.

If the order from MediaTek is successfully implemented, it will be one of the biggest breakthroughs in Intel’s IFS business.

Randhir Thakur, President of Intel Foundry Services, said: “MediaTek, as one of the world’s leading chip design companies, will help Intel Foundry Services enter the next stage of rapid growth. At the same time, Intel Foundry Services’ advanced technology and large capacity will help MediaTek produce more chips”.

NS Tsai, corporate senior vice president of MediaTek’s Platform Technology and Manufacturing Operations Department, said that MediaTek will establish a long-term partnership with Intel and use Intel’s foundry services to improve the diversity of the supply chain.

It is reported that MediaTek products will use the “Intel 16” technology node. The Intel 16 process is an improved version of the 22FFL process that Intel began shipping in 2018. In the Intel 16 process, Intel has further transformed the 22FFL technology and added support for third-party chip design tools.

Intel said the order will ship in the next 18 to 24 months, but so far it is unclear how many orders Intel will take from MediaTek or where Intel will manufacture the chips.

In an interview with foreign media, Intel said: “We cannot disclose the details of customer products, but IFS users have access to global production capacity through Oregon, Arizona, Ireland, Israel, and future factories in Ohio and Germany. The network makes chips.”

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