Intel to end Optane business based on 3D XPoint technology

After Micron sold its 3D XPoint (Optane) factory, Intel has now revealed that it will wind down its Optane business . 3D XPoint is a non-volatile memory (NVM) technology jointly developed by Micron and Intel, which Intel names Optane for storage products that use the technology. Its advantages are that it is faster than NAND Flash memory chips (1000 times faster), stores more data than DRAM chips (one-tenth the speed of DRAM, and 10 times the storage density of DRAM), and consumes less power than both Low. But the problem is that demand for such products is so low that Micron and Intel have been losing money for years. Intel said in a statement that it was evaluating divesting unprofitable non-strategic core businesses, and after considering it decided to terminate future product development in the Optane business.

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