iPad Air 6 exposure: three major upgrades and no price increase

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Previous revelations have pointed out that Apple’s new tablet products are iPad 10, iPad mini 7 and 2022 iPad Pro, and there is no iPad Air 6.

That’s because the iPad Air 5 was just released in March, before its first birthday. However, TR has got some early information on the iPad Air 6.

In addition to the most conventional processor upgrade, the main changes of the iPad Air 6 include three points, one is a more differentiated shape design from the iPad Pro, the second is the starting storage capacity is increased to 128GB, and the third is the integration of a larger battery to ensure battery life. Level.

There is no mention of whether the screen has been adjusted, such as the introduction of mini LED or even OLED panels, which needs to be further verified.

In addition, Apple plans to still set the starting price of the iPad Air 6 at US$599, which is 4,399 yuan for reference.

It is worth mentioning that IDC data shows that in the past two quarters, Apple was still the first-generation tablet computer manufacturer, but due to the shortage of components, shipments fell by nearly 3 percentage points year-on-year.

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