iPreview – Adds previews of source code, 3D models, mathematical formulas, compressed files and more for macOS Quick Look

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iPreview is a gadget that adds dozens of file formats to the macOS native “Quick View” function (pressing the space to preview the file), including source code, 3D models, mathematical formulas, compressed files, subtitle files, etc., and can also Select things like code highlighting theme, TAB width, and line number display. @Appinn

iPreview - 为 macOS 「快速查看」新增源代码、3D模型、数学公式、压缩文件等文件预览 1

Selecting a file and pressing space to preview the file is probably the most common feature used by every Mac user. However, the format supported by this quick view function is not very complete. For example, for .css files, if iPreview is not installed, this is the case:

iPreview - 为 macOS 「快速查看」新增源代码、3D模型、数学公式、压缩文件等文件预览 2

After installing iPreview, use spaces and it becomes:

iPreview - 为 macOS 「快速查看」新增源代码、3D模型、数学公式、压缩文件等文件预览 3

This is very, very convenient.

iPreview Support File List

source code file

  • Support preview of source code files in multiple programming languages, such as .js, jsx, tsx, .vue, .css, .less, .scss, .wxml, .wxss, .ux, objc, .swift, .java, .kotlin , .dart, .py, .rb, .rs, .go, .R, .f90, .pl, .jl, .json, .yml, .list, .properties, .gradle, .iml, etc.
  • Support a variety of code highlighting themes, you can choose freely.
  • Perfect for macOS dark mode.


  • Support Markdown, Jupyter.
  • Supports typesetting of mathematical formulas.

3D model

  • Support a variety of 3D model files, such as: .3ds, .ac, .ase, .b3d, .blend, .cob, .dae, .csm, .dxf, .fbx, .lwo, .md2, .md5mesh, .mdl , .ms3d, .nff, .obj, .off, .ply, .q3o, .smd, .stl, etc.
  • Freely set preview modes: Phsics, Bounding boxes, Wireframe, Skeleton, etc.
  • Animation is supported.


  • Supports quick preview for Webp, Avif, eps.
  • Display image size.

Compressed file

  • Supports quick preview of .zip, .7z, .gz, .rar, .tar.
  • Display file name, size, date.

subtitle file

  • Support .ass, .srt.


  • README, LICENSE, Gemfile, Podfile, Makefile, Dockerfile, etc.


The price of iPreview is 18 yuan, and several redemption codes are given away during the development, which will be given out by lottery in the niche software Weibo. Welcome to pay attention in advance: https://weibo.com/appinncom

Normally, it will be automatically activated after installation through the Mac App Store.

How to disable: System Preferences > Extensions > Added Extensions > iPreview Quick View

iPreview - 为 macOS 「快速查看」新增源代码、3D模型、数学公式、压缩文件等文件预览 4

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