No More Ransom: Helps Victims Get Back Encrypted Data from 172 Ransomware

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The No More Ransom website is a program promoted by the Dutch National Police High-Tech Crime Unit, Europol’s European Cybercrime Center, Kaspersky Lab, and Intel Corporation (Intel Security) Cyber ​​Security Company. In helping ransomware victims get their encrypted data back without paying a ransom. @Appinn

拒绝勒索软件 No More Ransom:帮助受害者从 172 种勒索软件中取回加密数据

No More Ransom

This is a service that collects keys for 172 known ransomware types, and if you accidentally fall for one of these 172 types of ransomware, there are specialized tools to decrypt encrypted files without paying ransom.

And if it is ransomware other than these 172, there is no way to solve it, but it is not recommended to pay ransom.

You can search for known ransomware on this page :

拒绝勒索软件 No More Ransom:帮助受害者从 172 种勒索软件中取回加密数据 5

If you don’t know what kind of ransomware it is, just upload the encrypted file on this page to find out what kind of ransomware it is:

拒绝勒索软件 No More Ransom:帮助受害者从 172 种勒索软件中取回加密数据 6

Ransomware Prevention Recommendations

No More Ransom also provides ransomware prevention recommendations , roughly as follows:

  • Regularly back up the data stored on your computer so that a ransomware infection doesn’t destroy your personal data forever.
  • Do not click on links in spam, unknown or suspicious emails.
  • Avoid sharing personal data.
  • Be meticulous about sensitive data.
  • Consider using multi-factor authentication on your important online accounts.
  • Be careful when browsing the internet and don’t click on suspicious links, pop-ups or dialog boxes.
  • Only browse and download official versions of software, or download from trusted sites.
  • Protect your system from threats including ransomware with powerful security products.
  • Do not connect unknown USB sticks to the system.
  • Make sure your security software and operating system are up to date.
  • Do not use high privileged accounts (ones with administrator privileges) for day-to-day business.
  • Enable the “Show file extensions” option in your computer’s Windows settings.
  • Start the local firewall.

Wait, in a word, remember to back up your important data and take care of your backup data.


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