Is it healthier not to fry? Wugu Dojo non-fried instant noodles evaluation

This time I bought a box of “non-fried” instant noodles in Wugu Dojo, and wrote about non-fried instant noodles.


In my previous articles about instant noodles, whenever I wrote about non-fried instant noodles, I couldn’t help but tease a few words. As a loyal fan of fried instant noodles, I don’t like non-fried instant noodles. There are many reasons. For example, most non-fried noodles cannot be eaten dry, and can only be eaten after soaking; The inherent disadvantage of noodle cakes; the most important thing is that non-fried instant noodles are often more expensive due to the high cost of drying process of noodle cakes. Taking Wugu Daochang instant noodles as an example, on Pinduoduo, the price of each box is about 6.5 yuan, while the price of Hewei and Tangdaren instant noodles does not exceed 5 yuan per box, and the instant noodles of Uni-President and Master Kong are even more than 3 yuan. Arrived, fried instant noodles are obviously more cost-effective.

The advantage of non-fried instant noodles is that they are healthier. Compared with fried noodles, the drying process of non-fried instant noodles does not go through frying, and the oil content of the noodles is lower, but how much is the difference between the two? I made a special record according to the “nutrient composition table” of instant noodles.

Among the non-fried instant noodles, take the four packs of Wugu Daochang instant noodle soup noodles that I purchased as an example (the fat content of the noodles is higher than that of the soup noodles due to the sauce and other reasons), their fat content is: sour bamboo shoots fat beef noodles, 5.0g/100g; Chopped Pepper Fish Head Noodles, 6.8g/100g; Old Duck Noodles in Sour Soup, 6.8g/100g; Spicy Noodles in Soy Sauce, 6.8g/100g. Taking the average in a simple and crude way, the fat content per hectogram is about 6.35g/100g.

The fat content of fried instant noodles is taken as an example of several instant noodles from Master Kong and Uni-President. . Unified Spicy Beef Noodles, 22.9g/100g; Braised Beef Noodles, 22.8g/100g; Pickled Beef Noodles, 21.9g/100g. The average value is 24.25g/100g.

The fat content of non-fried instant noodles per 100 grams is 17.9g lower than that of fried instant noodles, and the weight of a bag of instant noodles is just about 100g, so the fat content of each package of non-fried instant noodles is higher than that of fried instant noodles. The noodles are 17.9g less, or in other words, the fat content of fried instant noodles is four times that of non-fried instant noodles.


According to the Recommended Dietary Nutrient Intake (RNI) for Chinese residents issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the daily recommended energy intake is about 8400kJ, including 60g of protein, less than 60g of fat, and 300g of carbohydrates. According to the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of instant noodles, the protein, fat and carbohydrates in a pack of fried instant noodles account for about 12%, 40%, and 18% of the recommended daily intake. The three values ​​of noodles (taking Wugu Dojo’s four packs of soup noodles as a reference) are 15%, 10%, and 21% respectively. The protein and carbohydrate content of fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles are similar, not too high, but the fat content is high. The fat content of a pack of instant noodles reaches about 40% of the daily recommended intake. Long-term consumption, It will lead to high daily fat intake and lead to obesity problem.

Another health hazard of instant noodles is that the salt exceeds the standard. The NRV proportion of fat in fried instant noodles is 40%, which is already high. No matter what kind of instant noodles, the NRV proportion of sodium is close to 100%. The recommended daily intake of sodium is 2000mg, while the sodium content of fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles (except noodles) is close to 2000mg/100g, that is, the salt content of a pack of instant noodles can meet the needs of adults for a day. . Therefore, it is recommended to add an appropriate amount of powder packets according to personal taste when eating instant noodles, and don’t be greedy and drink all the soup. It is worth mentioning that the sodium content of the three boxes of noodles in my hand (Suda Noodle House Pepper Fragrant Sesame Sauce Chicken Noodles, Wugu Daochang Pepper Ma Chicken Noodles, and Salted Egg Superman Noodles) is about 1200mg/100g, which is higher than that of soup noodles. It’s a lot lower, but dumping the soup in the noodle soup will lose a part of the salt, so it’s impossible to compare the final human intake of the two.

Are non-fried instant noodles really healthier than fried instant noodles? Indeed, fried instant noodles are high in fat, while non-fried instant noodles have a quarter of the fat content of fried instant noodles, which is healthier by comparison, but both types of instant noodles are too salty , there is a suspicion of laughing at a hundred steps, so it is recommended that the frequency of eating both types of instant noodles should not be too high. However, if you have to eat instant noodles frequently because of work and life needs, you can consider non-fried instant noodles with less fat.

If I have to choose between fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles, I will choose the more delicious instant noodles, just like there are two bottles of poison in front of me, if I have to choose one to drink, then I will Will choose a tastier bottle. Although I love to eat instant noodles, I eat instant noodles infrequently, usually once a week or less, so I don’t need to worry too much about the high fat content and salt content, for me, the taste is the The most important factor in instant noodles.

This is the first time I bought instant noodles from Wugu Daochang. I know this brand a few years ago. I only came across this name in order to understand the non-fried instant noodles. From the development history of Wugu Daochang, it is they who will “non-fried instant noodles”. The concept of “fried is healthier” has entered the Chinese instant noodle market and has become the representative of domestic non-fried instant noodles. But I have never seen this brand in an offline supermarket. Before I ordered Wugu Daochang instant noodles, I deliberately found some comments on the taste of instant noodles on the Internet. In general, most of them were positive. Several flavors have been memorized.

Beef Noodles with Sour Bamboo Shoots

This is a flavor recommended by many people on the Internet, especially on Xiaohongshu. I have eaten instant noodles with bamboo shoots a few times before, such as the unified spicy bamboo shoots beef noodles and Master Kong’s Laotan pickled pepper bamboo shoots chicken noodles, these noodles tasted average, did not impress me, I just bought them Once, never repurchased.


After opening the instant noodles, there is a strong sour bamboo shoot flavor. Judging from the taste, bamboo shoots and snail noodles are the same bamboo shoots, which are slightly irritating.


There are four ingredients in the instant noodles, among which the vegetable packet seems to be full of “beef”, but if you look closely, it has been puffed like tofu, much like the “beef” in instant noodles more than ten years ago. The table turned out to be vegetarian meat (vegetable protein), which made me very disappointed. Master Kong and Tongyi still kill a few cows every year, and get a few grains of meat for each package of instant noodles, and Wugu Daochang is not willing to kill even a single cow.


The non-fried noodles are slimmer and thinner than ordinary instant noodles. Because they have not been fried, the broken noodles that fall into the box are not suitable for eating raw. They taste close to ordinary noodles and are very stiff. There is no ordinary instant noodles. Crispy, but it is precisely because the dough is not crispy, so there are less broken noodles.

The soaking time of non-fried instant noodles is longer than that of ordinary instant noodles. The recommendation on the box is 6 minutes. However, in my experience with instant noodles, this time is often used for short videos, and the extra two minutes will not be too much. large perceptual differences.


As for the taste of this box of instant noodles, my evaluation is not bad, the taste is slightly sour, slightly spicy, and sour bamboo shoots are more distinctive in instant noodles. In addition to the taste of sour bamboo shoots, there is also a beef soup taste, which is close to the taste of Master Kong’s golden soup fat beef noodles. There are not many kinds of ingredients in the instant noodles. Apart from the noodles, there are sour bamboo shoots and “fake beef”. The “fake beef granules” in instant noodles more than ten years ago evoked my nostalgia for that time. Other than that, the “fake beef granules” did not contribute to the taste.

Old Duck Noodles in Sour Soup


Old duck noodles in sour soup is also a flavor recommended by many people, but I don’t have high expectations for it. Whether it’s the name or the package picture, I think of stewed chicken noodles with mushrooms, which is my least favorite flavor of instant noodles. , the taste is too light, the mushroom flavor is incompatible with the instant noodles, which makes people have no appetite. Whether it is chicken soup or duck soup, it is not my favorite food.


In the instant noodles, there is a three-piece set of classic ingredients-vegetable buns, powder buns and sauce buns. I eat a lot of instant noodles. Seeing these three kinds, you can hardly expect more from instant noodles. By default, it is one. Box of ordinary instant noodles.

There is a salty and spicy taste in the instant noodle box. This smell is very familiar. I have smelled it in the breakfast shop. It comes from the spicy sauce on the table. Experience, this taste is richer than Pixian Douban.


The instant the instant noodles were soaked and eaten in my mouth, this box of instant noodles surprised me. Although it looked ordinary, it had fewer ingredients than “Sour Bamboo Beef Noodles”. Except for the noodles, the rest There are a few grains of “fake beef”, but it is better than the freshness of the taste.

This is a fresh sour taste. It is different from the taste of sour bamboo shoots or pickled cabbage in the old altar. This sour taste is not as irritating as the sour bamboo shoots, and it is not as strong as the pickled cabbage in the old altar. The light sour taste gives a sweet feeling. . The salty and spicy taste in the instant noodle box is not strong in the instant noodles, which complements the lightness of the sour taste.

Overall, I liked the taste of this box of instant noodles, but I didn’t get the connection between instant noodles and “old duck”.

Pickled Fish Head Noodles

If the taste of old duck noodles in sour soup exceeded my expectations, then this box of fish head noodles with chopped peppers is a box of instant noodles that disappointed me.


From the name, this box of instant noodles has raised my expectations. I have eaten the fish head with chopped peppers, and it is the first time I have eaten the instant noodles with the fish head with chopped peppers. I am very curious about the taste of the noodles.

The instant noodles are four packs of ingredients. In addition to the old three, there is an extra chopped pepper packet. However, on the ingredient list, there are only concentrated fish soup paste and cuttlefish extract, so there will be no fish pieces in the noodles. This box of fish head noodles with chopped peppers has only chopped peppers and no fish heads. Just like the previous sour bamboo shoots and fat beef noodles, there are only sour bamboo shoots and no fat beef; sour soup old duck noodles, only sour soup, no old duck.


In the soaked instant noodles, the hot and sour taste of chopped peppers is tangy, and the picture of instant noodles with chopped peppers is all too familiar to me. I like to eat chopped peppers, and my grandmother happens to be good at making chopped peppers. There are spicy Chaotian peppers, normal peppers that are not spicy, and mildly spicy chopped peppers mixed together. Since I was a child, I like to try adding chopped pepper to various foods, such as chopped pepper scrambled eggs, chopped pepper steamed buns, chopped pepper rice porridge, and of course chopped pepper instant noodles, and this bowl of chopped pepper fish head noodles, which I made myself Master Jiao Kang’s Braised Beef Noodles, very similar. Without looking at the packaging, it is difficult for me to associate it with the fish head with chopped peppers, the presence of fish in this box of instant noodles is minimal. If you want to try this bowl of “Chopped Pepper Fish Head Noodles”, just buy a brand of braised beef noodles at the supermarket and add two spoons of chopped peppers. And I don’t think chopped peppers are suitable for pairing with instant noodles, chopped peppers are sour and spicy, no matter which flavor of instant noodles, the hot and sour taste of chopped peppers will overwhelm the guest and weaken the original taste of instant noodles.

As for the evaluation, this is a decent instant noodles, mainly the hot and sour of chopped pepper, if you like hot and sour taste, and have not tried chopped pepper instant noodles, you may like this instant noodles.

Chili Ma Chicken Noodles

In my article about Master Kong’s “Suda Noodle House”, I wrote that their shredded chicken noodles with pepper fragrant sesame sauce is “the best noodles I’ve ever had in instant noodles”, except for the good taste of pepper and sesame, chicken shreds and The addition of bean sprouts also added a lot of color. The name of this box of noodles in Wugu Daochang is “Jiao Ma Chicken Noodles”. I don’t know which of the two will be listed first, but judging from the name, it is undoubtedly the same taste. Therefore, I am looking forward to this box of instant noodles.


As far as price is concerned, Suda Noodle House is positioned as a high-end restaurant. The original price is 25 yuan. Even though Jingdong often has discount activities, the price is usually more than 10 yuan (the lowest price during the Double Twelve and 618 events is only more than 5 yuan). And Wugumofang’s pepper and chicken noodles are also more expensive among all the noodles in Wugu Taoist. The original price is 11 yuan, and a more reasonable starting price is more than 7 yuan. There is a gap between the two in terms of starting price, but it is not particularly large.


In terms of ingredients, Wugu Daochang only has four ingredients, which is not as good as the seven ingredients of Suda Noodle House. However, Wugu Daochang is positioned at the middle end, and it is not as luxurious as Suda Noodle House, but that package of chicken surprises me ( It is because of this package of chicken that I went to Jingdong to check the unit price).


The box body of Wugu Mofang’s Jiao Ma Chicken Noodles is also better than the other several flavors. It is black on the outside and red on the inside, giving people a sense of advanced design and texture. In comparison, the boxes of other noodles in Wugu Mofang The body is very general, just all black food-grade PP plastic. There is also an inconspicuous detail on the box body. I only found out during the pouring process that the bottom of the box is made of two layers of plastic, and the middle is inflated to form an airbag. It will be hot. I have eaten a lot of noodles, and it is the first time I have seen such a careful design. Regardless of the taste of this box of noodles, this box of instant noodles is the best instant noodles I have ever eaten.


As far as taste is concerned, this box of instant noodles is similar to the shredded chicken noodles with sesame sauce in Suda Noodle House. I like it very much. Both of them have a very strong pepper flavor, but the spicy chicken noodles in Wugu Daochang tastes heavier than Suda Noodle House. I found the reason for the difference between the two in the ingredients. Suda Noodle House uses rattan pepper, and Wugu The dojo uses peppercorns.

In terms of ingredients, Wugu Daochang’s pepper and chicken noodles are slightly inferior. In addition to noodles, there are chicken nuggets, peanuts and sesame seeds. There are many pieces of chicken, the meat is processed and the taste is soft and rotten; the peanut is crispy, and its fragrance will not enter the noodles, but it will stay in the mouth; and the sesame seeds have no sense of existence after mixing well. In contrast, I prefer the noodles from Suda Noodle House. It treats chicken, greens and carrots into filaments. In addition, the best partner for noodles is mung bean sprouts. When noodles are mixed, various ingredients are mixed together, and it tastes better. Good richness.

Jiao Ma Chicken Noodles is the second instant noodle I will buy. It’s cheaper than Suda Noodle House’s pepper fragrant sesame sauce chicken noodles, and it’s a perfect substitute for the latter when it’s more expensive. In addition, the old duck noodles in sour soup and beef noodles with sour bamboo shoots are also instant noodles that I will buy again, and the fish head noodles with chopped peppers will follow suit.

Spicy Soy Sauce Noodles and Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Noodles


These are two instant noodles that I won’t be able to buy again, for different reasons. The soy sauce spicy noodles tastes too mediocre, it is like braised beef noodles, scallion pork ribs noodles, there is no outstanding feature, but it can satisfy most tastes.

Spicy salted egg yolk noodles is the other extreme. Its taste is very distinctive, but it also causes many people to dislike instant noodles with this flavor. For example, as a person, I can eat several egg yolk crisps, two A salted egg yolk lover of egg yolk lotus paste mooncake, and I don’t like it either. No matter this box of salted egg yolk noodles or Chencun’s salted egg yolk noodles, it’s easy to get tired of eating. After half of it, I don’t want to eat any more. It seems that salted egg yolk noodles have this disadvantage. Baixiang and Tongwanfu have taken a different approach and jointly launched “Salted Egg Yolk Turkey Noodles”, which I have never tried before, and may be able to make up for the lack of salted egg yolk taste with turkey noodles.


There is no difference in seasoning between non-fried instant noodles and fried instant noodles, and the biggest difference in taste between the two is still the noodles.

The difference between non-fried instant noodles and fried instant noodles can be easily felt, except for the significant difference of whether it can be eaten dry. After soaking, the two are compared because the instant noodles will be fluffy during frying The instant noodles are softer and easier to absorb the soup. As for the instant noodles in Wugu Daochang, because of the “hot air drying process”, the noodles are firmer and the taste is close to that of vermicelli. You can take a bite and chew it in your mouth. When the aroma of the instant noodles fades, you can feel the taste of noodles when you eat vermicelli.

1 Non-fried pasta that can be eaten dry

It is worth mentioning that not all non-fried instant noodles cannot be eaten dry. For example, the braised beef noodles in Suda Noodle House I wrote about, this instant noodles known as “0 fried” can be eaten dry. I guess this type of instant noodles can be eaten dry. The dehydration process of the noodle cake is a “micro-puffing process”. The advantage of this process is that it can be rehydrated quickly and can be eaten dry. The disadvantage is that it has high requirements for flour and higher costs.

All in all, fried noodles are indeed better than non-fried ones in taste and texture, but in instant noodles, this is not so important, because the soul of instant noodles is the material package, which determines the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy of instant noodles, which is delicious. The key point is that even the non-fried spicy noodles in soy sauce is much more delicious than the fried chicken noodles with mushrooms.

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