Issue 46: ① Stupid heart, cat outside the window and Auschwitz in spring ② I am 29 years old, male, I was in that barbecue shop when the incident happened ③ Coca-Cola Company 100 years ago ④ Xu Zhuoyun|Unstoppable Care , and unfinished talent ⑤ Stripe’s Growing Pains: A Payments Star Hits Snags in Push for Big Businessess

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2022.06.14 (issue 46)

Stupid heart, cat outside the window and Auschwitz in spring


Written in the front | I am a pigeon. I have been so busy with work in the last week that I “should” give myself a vacation, but every day when the calendar software pops up reminders, I will still fall into deep guilt. Busy really shouldn’t be an escape. The reason, no matter how well-dressed pigeons are, they are still pigeons. A lot has happened in the past week as well, hope to see everyone here well.

Start with a “useless” article recommendation. Enjoy!

I’m 29 years old, male, I was at the BBQ restaurant when it happened


I just finished reading Luo Xiang’s “Circle of Justice” a week before the incident, and I was thinking about a sentence that made a deep impression at the time, “The mission of morality is self-discipline first, not heteronomy. The first step in moral condemnation is always to self-discipline. issued, we must first ask ourselves, in a similar situation, how would we behave?”

What would I have done if I had been at that grill?

The Coca-Cola Company 100 years ago


If we were standing in 1923 and saw the annual report of Coca-Cola at that time, would I have invested in it.

Xu Zhuoyun|Unstoppable care and unfinished talent


Recently, when I wake up every day, I listen to Mr. Xu Zhuoyun watching the ideal audio. Xu Zhuoyun talked about it on the 10th and felt a little “unanswered”. until I read this

“At that time, the “Ten Day Talk” course was organized by recording an audio for thirty or forty minutes in advance. Everyone studied online in advance, and then had a question and answer session on Zoom for about an hour. At that stage, Mr. Xu was extremely unwell. When it’s good, my body hurts so much that I can’t sleep all night, “the pain is unbearable”, taking the maximum dose of painkillers, often can only guarantee a normal state for one or two hours… When answering the question of Professor Guan Qingyou, he said: “I am 90 years old. I’m in bad health, ready to collapse at any time. But I’m a monk for a day, banging the clock, seeking self-cultivation. “”

Stripe’s Growing Pains: A Payments Star Hits Snags in Push for Big Businessess


• Stripe faces concerns over compensation, morale and strategy on sales team

• Salespeople complain about limits on commissions, inadequate support

• Company offers credits of $40,000 to $70,000 to startups for Stripe services

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