Issue 49: ① Internet and China’s postmodernity raving ② Selected product reflections: Differentiation is the foundation of survival ③ Kunlun Wanwei: Where is the last inch of the blue ocean overseas? ④ Glass: The next Instagram for photographers? ⑤ The old phone in your drawer raised a $5.7 billion super unicorn

2022.04.22 (issue 49)

The Internet and Chinese Postmodernity ravings


too long. I’ve watched half of it, but haven’t read it completely.

Many of the cases and phenomena mentioned in it can be understood, but it is a bit difficult for me to combine these cases and phenomena with modernity and to think about the historical or cultural significance behind them. (The two concepts of delocalization and embedding are very inspiring, and many phenomena can be considered from these two concepts.)

I hope that when I read it again next year, I can have a better understanding.

Selected Product Meditations: Differentiation is the Fundamental to Survival


But convergence is unstoppable.

In a mature industry, popularization and differentiation are mainly a matter of brand choice, whether to be a mass or a niche.

In an entirely new industry or category, say otherwise.

Kunlun Wanwei: Where is the last inch of the blue ocean overseas?


Startup story.

“Mihayou is more successful in globalization than the game startups of the year. The essence is that the decision makers are crazy game lovers. They love games and want to make a game they like, not business wise. The 700 million R&D investment of Yuanshen’s product, even in the eyes of a big game company like Tencent, is completely irrational.” – This comment is quite unexpected.

Glass: The next Instagram for photography enthusiasts?


A photo sharing platform that claims to have no algorithm, considering that Toutiao is also working on a “recognizing area” without algorithm, and looking at this trend, anti-algorithm will become a trend.

The old phone in your drawer is raising a $5.7 billion super unicorn


I’m still talking with friends today, waste recycling, second-hand, is a good business.

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