Issue 77: ① Podcast: When language becomes vulgar, so does thinking My mental internal friction ⑤ How do real estate go? “Rescue” path conjecture

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2022.07.27 (issue 77)

Podcast: When language becomes vulgar, so does thought | Liushen Leilei


professional culture.

I especially like the discussion on the classics. Many of the classics today were popular at the time. After the popular literature was upgraded to the classics, it was far away from the public.

Big grievances in Europe: recession is coming


There is not much information in this article.

I also saw some European-related analysis last weekend. As the title says, I feel that the outlook for Europe is bleak.

Newsletter’s Road to Platform-#20


There is a dedicated podcast search engine Similar to podcasts, there are many different platforms for newsletters. Is it possible to do a newsletter aggregation search?

After returning to the village for three days, my second uncle cured my internal mental problems.


A very wide spread video, very well made, the story is powerful, and the copywriting is infectious.

How is real estate going? “Rescue” path conjecture


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