Issue 79: ① Quick Review! What new signals did the ZZJ conference release? ② Decathlon you can’t learn, and you don’t deserve to learn ③ Regret minimization framework – how to make a decision ④ Why do you feel that baked food tastes more delicious than boiled food? – Zhihu ⑤ This may be the news report we lack the most

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2022.07.29 (issue 79)

Quick review! What new signals did the ZZJ conference release?


The last time it was opened in April, this time in July, it seems to be once every month after the end of the quarter.

Stock trading, this will be very important, and I didn’t pay much attention to it before.

Decathlon you can’t learn, you don’t deserve to learn


After reading the more impressive points:

1. There are sports supermarkets in the United States, but not in France, so copy one

2. Exercise produces dopamine, which promotes purchases (experiential shopping)

3. Control brands and channels

4. Large-scale cost reduction (flywheel)

Regret Minimization Framework – How to Make Decisions


It is also a type of reverse thinking.

Why does baked food taste more delicious than boiled food? – Know almost


The reason is the Maillard reaction.

From a practical point of view: the best temperature for cooking is 140-170 degrees. This temperature range produces the most abundant flavors from the Maillard reaction. Anything below 100 or above 200 is not good.

Next, we can study the boiling temperature of different oils. Some oils have boiling points over 200 degrees and do not need to be boiled.

This might be the news story we’re missing the most


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