It is reported that Lin Xiaobin, the head of Tencent Cloud Database, was fired from a number of colleagues who borrowed huge sums of money to speculate in stocks

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Reporter/Huang Xinyi

Some netizens broke the news on social platforms that Lin Xiaobin, the head of Tencent Cloud Database, borrowed 100 million yuan to invest in stocks. In this regard, a person familiar with the matter told the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” reporter that Lin Xiaobin is indeed the head of Tencent Cloud Database. Since last year, Lin Xiaobin has borrowed money from many Tencent colleagues and has not paid back, but the actual total amount is not as much as 100 million. In addition, for the specific reasons for borrowing money, it is still uncertain whether it is due to stock speculation. “The reason is not known now, and there are different opinions.”

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