It is rumored that Tencent will reduce its holdings of 100 billion yuan in stock investments in listed companies this year


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 Titanium Media App reported on September 1, two sources said that as part of a major strategic shift, Tencent has proposed a soft target to reduce its holdings of RMB 100 billion in listed companies’ stock investments this year. The specific situation will depend on market conditions and internal Profit target. After the news came out, Hang Seng Technology dived again, and Meituan fell nearly 6%. However, people familiar with the matter said that although Tencent is pushing to reduce the shareholding of large Chinese companies such as Meituan, Meituan is not a priority target for Tencent's share sale due to the strong performance of Meituan. Of course, the reduction is expected to reduce the pressure on Tencent. According to Hong Kong media reports, a Tencent spokesperson said that it did not set any target amount for the reduction; Tencent’s investment has always been aimed at creating substantial returns for the company and shareholders, rather than reaching a certain amount within any given time; Tencent also No external pressure on the portfolio. (Source: Securities Times)

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