It is rumored that the United States may cut off the supply of high-end GPU chips to the Chinese market, AMD and Nvidia have been notified


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 Titanium Media App reported on September 1st. On the evening of the 31st, it was reported that American chip manufacturers AMD and Nvidia received notices from the headquarters one after another, cutting off the supply of high-end GPU chips to customers in China.    It is understood that AMD informed it that it received an urgent notice from the headquarters: first, to suspend the shipment of all data center GPU cards MI100 and MI200 in China; second, to count the shipments of Ml 100 in China; third, to count the shipment of MI 200 in China Customer list and shipping details. In this regard, AMD's analysis may be that the US government wants to restrict the sales of high-performance GPU cards in China, especially the double-precision high-performance cards for Chinese HPC.    NVIDIA also informed that it has received the following notices: First, NVIDIA China has received a request from the headquarters to suspend the delivery of data center GPU cards A100 and H100 to all customers and agents in China, and other GPU cards will not be affected; second It is the existing stock A100 GPU card of each server OEM, which can continue to be delivered to their respective industry customers, and NVIDIA China has not issued any Letter to OEMs at present. It is reported that NVIDIA headquarters is still analyzing the policy requirements of the US government, and it is expected that it will take 2 to 3 days to communicate with customers and partners in China. (Source: Sina)

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