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“I’m growing up, I’m going to school, I won’t play with you anymore!”

How strong is your son’s desire to study? We all say that if you can’t study in the future, how can you be worthy of what you say now! In case it’s a scumbag.

The No. 30 son’s kindergarten daughter’s school has organized nucleic acid testing for teachers and students in the school, and everyone knows how to prepare various materials. That day was the first day my son entered the park, although he only stayed for two or three hours, mainly to do nucleic acid.

When I woke up in the morning, I was very excited and kept shouting about going to school. When can I leave? I don’t have any fear of unfamiliar surroundings. This is to praise him for a few days. My daughter is more timid and remember that it took about a week to make trouble. Get used to it.

I officially entered the kindergarten today. My son fell down at around 8:00 p.m. yesterday without taking a nap and slept until 6:30 in the morning before waking up. I also woke up naturally around 6:30. I took my son to brush his teeth and wash his face and changed into his school uniform. My mother-in-law has already cooked breakfast for today.

My daughter is thinking about letting her walk to school for a few minutes by herself in the third grade. I can send my son to work, but I need to swipe my card for pick-up and drop-off. The off-duty time is to be determined. For the time being, my mother will pick him up for two days. I am trying to find a way for me to send him. go…

On the first day of school today, the traffic jam around the school is the law. After passing several school intersections, the car is blocked and the water is blocked. In order not to add to myself, I chose the small e-Donkey alleys and alleys to walk.


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